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Yoonmee Chang

Yoonmee Chang

Yoonmee Chang

Associate Professor

Asian American literature and culture, ethnic enclaves, Disability Studies, North Korea.

Yoonmee Change specializes in Asian diasporic literature and culture.  She is the author of Writing the Ghetto: Class, Authorship, and the Asian American Enclave (Rutgers, UP, 2010).  She was previously an Assistant Professor of English and American Studies at Indiana University and was awarded a Mellon Post-doctoral fellowship at Northwestern University.  Chang's critical and creative work has been published in journals such as Modern Fiction Studies, The Journal of Asian American Studies, The Asian American Literature Review, and Beltway Poetry Quarterly.

Current Research

Chang is currently working on a project in Disability Studies as well as a monograph on North Korea.

Selected Publications

"Shallows II, " Beltway Poetry Quarterly, 15.3, 2014.

Writing the Ghetto: Class, Authorship, and the Asian American Ethnic Enclave. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 2010.

"Chinese Suicide: Political Desire and Queer Exogamy in Fae Myenne Ng's Bone." Modern Fiction Studies 56.1 (2010): 90-112.

"Distance Learning: Asian American Studies without Asian American Students." Journal of Asian American Studies 9.2 (2006): 184-88.

[review essay on three books in Asian American studies]. American Literature 77.4 (2005): 858-61.

Courses Taught

ENGH 305: Dimensions of Writing and Literature

ENGH 352: Topics in Ethnic American Literature

ENGL 380: Recent American Fiction

ENGL 414: Asian American Ethnic Enclaves: Oral History and Ethnography

ENGL 459: Introduction to Asian American Literature

ENGL 513: Asian American Literature

ENGL 660: Applying Theory: Critical Practices in Asian American Literary Studies

ENGH 676 - Introduction to Cultural Studies