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BA in English

Mason’s English degree is not a conventional one. As an English major, you can study the poetry of Milton and learn to write digital poetry. You can specialize in Renaissance literature or modern world literature. You can take courses on the folklore of Mexico or the films of Bollywood. You can learn about traditional rhetorical strategies and how they have been adapted to the internet age.

BFA in Creative Writing

Minor in English

Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language

The undergraduate minor in teaching English as a second language (TESL) introduces students to the issues involved in the learning and teaching of English to speakers of other languages. The minor in TESL is an 18-credit hour program that combines linguistic theory, second language acquisition theory, and ESL teaching methods. This minor is a good preparation for students who are interested in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in a foreign country or at an adult ESL center in the United States.

Minor in Film and Media Studies

Minor in Folklore and Mythology

Minor in Linguistics

The minor in linguistics is a 15-credit program that can be combined with a major in any field of study. Students take two linguistics courses, which introduce them to the fundamental concepts of modern linguistic theory. They choose three electives from a wide range of options, which allow them explore how these concepts relate to various other disciplines.

Minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies

Minor in Professional Writing

The minor in professional writing provides students with opportunities to learn and apply advanced strategies for writing academic, professional, and civic documents. Students examine the theoretical, interdisciplinary, and professional aspects of writing and develop their expository, persuasive, organizational, and stylistic skills through close analysis of rhetorical situations and the features and approaches of successful writing. The strong communication and analytical skills developed while earning this minor contribute to student success in a wide variety of professional careers as well as graduate education.