College of Humanities and Social Sciences

ENGH 301: The Fields of English

ENGH 301-001: The Fields of English
(Spring 2017)

07:20 PM to 10:00 PM W

Enterprise Hall 178

Section Information for Spring 2017

ENGH 301: Storytelling in the Fields of English

Storytelling is an ancient art form; it is a valuable form of human expression and communication. Because it is essential to so many art forms, however, the word “storytelling” is often used in many ways. In English 301 we’ll explore storytelling and the use of story in all facets of the English major. For instance, the class will consider visual storytelling in film and media, examine narrative structure and analysis in literature, the craft of storytelling in creative writing, and the practice of personal narrative and storytelling in folklore. The course will feature lectures by outstanding members of the English department faculty.

Students will explore the structure and application of storytelling in a variety of personal and professional settings. Assignments will include weekly readings and several short papers (3-5 pages) and a final project where students write/perform/record their own stories.

Discovery of Scholarship

Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Introduces the fields of English studies, focusing on discipline-specific forms of practice within the concentrations in the major. Explores central concepts including reading, language, medium, text, author/producer. Maps histories and contexts of English as a discipline. May not be repeated for credit.
Specialized Designation: Discovery of Scholarship
Recommended Prerequisite: Satisfaction of University requirements in 100-level English and in Mason Core literature.
Schedule Type: Lecture

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