Literature Courses and Rotations

The following courses count as Literature courses. Select from the array of offerings each semester, being sure to consult with your adviser, the graduate director, or the graduate programs manager if you have questions about planning your schedule. Some of these are special topics courses, which may be offered only once. Many courses are on a two-year rotation, some are on a one-year rotation, though even in these the content may vary from semester to semester.

Specifically for MA in Literature students, since the MA is meant to be a generalist degree, students considering applying to doctoral programs in English should be sure to choose courses treating a range of literary-historical periods, areas, and approaches.


ENGH 511 - Styles and Modes in Literary History

ENGH 512 - Issues in Literature and Philosophy

ENGH 513 - Advanced Special Topics in English       

ENGH 514 - Theories of Comparative Literature

ENGH 526 - Special Topics in the History and Criticism of Children's Literature

ENGH 555 - Introduction to Cinema Studies

ENGH 590 - Topics in Folk Narrative

ENGH 591 - Topics in Folklore Studies

ENGH 625 - British Medieval

ENGH 630 - Early Modern

ENGH 635 - Eighteenth-Century British

ENGH 640 - Nineteenth-Century British

ENGH 645 - Twentieth-Century British

ENGH 650 - Seventeenth-Century American

ENGH 655 - Nineteenth-Century American

ENGH 660 - Twentieth-Century American

ENGH 661 - Advanced Survey in African American Literature

ENGH 665 - Texts in Global Contexts

ENGH 670 - Visual Culture: Theories and Histories

ENGH 681 - Advanced Topics in Folklore Studies

ENGH 685 - Selected Topics, Movements, or Genres of Literature in English