Foreign Language Exam Policies

Foreign Language Exam Policies

If you are interested in meeting the foreign language proficiency requirement by taking a translation exam offered by the English department, you should familiarize yourself with the following policies. 

1.  There is no fee. 

2.  All exams must be scheduled with the graduate programs manager in the English department. 

3.  There is a two-hour time limit.

4.  Students should bring a translation dictionary, paper, and pen/pencil with them to the exam.

5.  Exams must be taken prior to the intended conferral dates.  For example: a student planning to graduate with a conferral date of May 21 must sit for the exam prior to that date.  Should the student not pass, the second sitting must also occur prior to the conferral date.  No exams may be taken during the six-week window after the conferral date.

6.  Two weeks should be allowed for exam results during the fall and spring semesters.  Those who choose to take an exam during the summer semester may not receive results until the following fall semester.

7. Students will be notified of the results by email.  This email is considered official notice of the results.

8.  Those who wish to take an exam more than once may do so, but the same exam will not be used twice.

9.  Sample exams will be provided upon request.