...And A Fond Farewell

...And A Fond Farewell

Professor Bob Nadeau retired at the end of the spring 2012 semester, following a long and distinguished career in Mason’s English Department. Nadeau joined the English Department in 1975, just a few years after the Fairfax Campus was established. He began his career as a specialist in contemporary American literature and served as director of the American Studies program during its early years. Always interested in the relationships among science, literature, and culture, Nadeau’s later career moved in new and remarkable directions to studies of the relationship between mind and body, and revisionary work on economics and the environment, work in which Nadeau remains active as both a scholar and an advocate for a greener future. The author of nine books with another soon forthcoming, Nadeau is probably the only member of the English Department to be published in the journal Scientific American!

Enjoy your retirement, Professor Nadeau, and keep 
up the good work.

—Robert Matz


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