Harim Kwon

Harim Kwon

Harim Kwon

Assistant Professor

Linguistics: phonetics, laboratory phonology, speech perception, speech production, bi-(or multi-) lingualism

My research revolves around the nature of the cognitive representations of human speech sounds and the relationship of these representations to their physical aspects. Given this focus, I use empirical data to study the consequences of speaker-listeners’ linguistic experiences for their phonological (cognitive) knowledge, and their perception and production of speech. My research has included investigating the effects of linguistic experience both on a macro level (e.g., learning a—first or additional—language) and on a micro level (e.g., exposure to speech stimuli in a lab for two minutes). 

Selected Publications

2019    Kwon, H. The role of native phonology in spontaneous imitation: Evidence from Seoul Korean. Laboratory Phonology: Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology 10: 10, 1-24. http://doi.org/10.5334/labphon.83

2017    Kwon, H. Language experience, speech perception, and loanword adaptation: Variable adaptation of English word-final plosives into Korean. Journal of Phonetics 60, 1-19. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.wocn.2016.10.001

Courses Taught

  • Ling 306: General Linguistics
  • Ling 490: Generative Phonology 
  • Ling 690: Phonology I
  • Ling 692: Phonology II
  • Ling 890: Advanced Phonology Seminar
  • Ling 898: Advanced Qualifying Seminar

Recent Presentations

2019     Ahn, S., & Kwon, H. Tongue root configuration during Seoul Korean stops: An ultrasound study. To be presented at the 178th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. San Diego, CA, USA, December 2-6.

2019    Kwon, H., & Chitoran, I. Perception of familiar consonant clusters with non-native phonetic patterns. The 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Melbourne, Australia, August 5-9.

2019    Kwon, H., & Guo, Y. A non-primary cue in spontaneous imitation of English voiceless stops. The 177thmeeting of the Acoustical Society of America. Louisville, KY, USA, May 13-17.

2018    Kwon, H., & Chitoran, I. The adaptation of native clusters with non-native phonetic patterns is task-dependent. Representing phonotactics, a satellite workshop of LabPhon16. Lisboa, Portugal, June 23.

2017    Kwon, H., & Chitoran, I. Segmental and prosodic effects on perception and production of word-initial clusters. Phonetics and Phonology in Europe 2017. Cologne, Germany, June 12-14.

Dissertations Supervised

Yuting Guo, Perception and Production of Laryngeal Contrasts in Mandarin and English by Mandarin Speakers (2020)