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Heather Green

Heather Green

Heather Green

Assistant Professor

Heather Green's translation of Tristan Tzara's Noontimes Won will be published in 2018 by Octopus Books, and her translation of Tzara's Guide to the Heart Rail was released this year in a limited-run art edition by Goodmorning Menagerie. She is the author of two chapbooks, No Omen and The Match Array, on LATR Press and Dancing Girl Press, respectively. Her poems and translations have appeared in AGNI, Barrow Street, Denver Quarterly, Phoebe, The New Yorker, Poetry International, and many other journals.

She holds an MFA in creative writing, poetry, from Boston University and an MA in literature from University of Nebraska.

Current Research

Poetry collection, Spoglie

Translation of Tristan Tzara's Where the Wolves Drink

Selected Publications

Links to some of my work appear in the bio above. Here are a few other selections:

"How the Little Bear Reflected Light" and Tristan Tzara's "Villains" at Blackbox Manifold

"The Half-God Appears" in Everyday Genius

"A Stranger Forest Than You" and "I Will See the Future" in Sixth Finch

A selection of poems from my translation of Tristan Tzara's Noontimes Won in Public Pool

Courses Taught

English 302H: Advanced Composition, Humanities

English 396: Introduction to Creative Writing

English 397: Poetry Writing

English 391: Forms of Poetry

English 494: Advanced Poetry Writing