Nupoor Ranade

Nupoor Ranade

Nupoor Ranade

Assistant Professor

Writing and Rhetoric: Technical writing and editing; Audience studies; User experience (UX); Data analytics & corpus analysis.

Nupoor Ranade teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on professional writing and rhetoric. Her research combines her technological background, computational skills, and her ability to address knowledge gaps in the fields of technical communication pedagogy and practice, and focuses on audience analysis, data analytics, user experience, information design in the fields of content production, software development, and artificial intelligence.

Nupoor has earned her Masters and Ph.D. degrees, focused on technical communication, from NC State University. While pursuing these degrees she worked at several corporate institutions such as Palo Alto Networks in California, Citrix in Florida, and SAS Institute in North Carolina. With one foot in the industry and another in academia, Nupoor’s goal is to bridge the gaps between the two through pedagogy and practice.

Her research is recognized by the academic community as well. Her projects have been funded by the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative’s (CCI) Northern Virginia Node (NoVa Node), the Council of Programs in Technical & Scientific Communication (CPTSC) other internal grants provided by Mason.

Nupoor’s research is published in several academic journals including STC's Technical Communication (TC), Communication Design Quarterly (CDQ), Kairos technorhetoric, and IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication. Her role in professional organizations including the Society of Technical Communication (STC), SIGDOC, Write the Docs, and Association of Business Communication (ABC) help her become part of, and contribute to the technical communication community. 

Grants and Fellowships

  • Ethical Data Analytics: Investigating Data Analytics as a Pedagogical Practice for the Humanities, 4‑VA@Mason Collaborative Research Grant, with Hocutt, D. (University of Richmond), Richards, D. (Old Dominion University), Wourman, J. (James Madison University), & Baniya, S. (Virginia Tech), Funded $19,570
  • Responsible Technology Futures – Revision of IT 304 ‑ IT in the Global Economy, Anti‑Racism and Inclusive Excellence Task Force, Course Impact Grant with Johri, A., Funded $16,500
  • Impact of Human Behavior in a Mixed Traffic Environment, Commonwealth Cyber Initiative’s (CCI) Northern Virginia Node (NoVa Node) Grant with Zhang, L. and Menon, N., Funded $40,000

Courses Taught

  • ENGH 509/489 Proposal Writing and Development
  • ENGH 690/488 User Experience Design
  • ENGH 503/438 Theory and Practice of Editing
  • ENGH 388 Professional and Technical Writing


  • Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media, NC State University
  • M.S. in Technical Communication, NC State University
  • B.S. in Computer Engineering, University of Pune