Eric Eisner

Eric Eisner

Eric Eisner

Associate Professor

Literature: 18th and 19th century British literature and culture, esp. Romanticism; lyric poetry; history of reading; literary and cultural theory

Eric Eisner's teaching and research interests include eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature and culture, especially Romanticism; lyric poetry; and the history of authorship and of reading. He has published articles on P.B. Shelley and Elizabeth Barrett Browning and his book, Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Literary Celebrity (2009). He is guest-editing a volume of essays on Romantic Fandom that will appear in the Romantic Circles Praxis series. He received his PhD from Harvard in 2003.

Current Research

Professor Eisner’s current project focuses on the sociality of everyday reading practices in the Romantic era. He is also writing on the recent revival of interest in "form" in literary studies.

Selected Publications

"Celebrity Authorship" and "'Napoleon's Farewell.'" Companion to Literary Romanticism. Ed. Andrew Maunder. New York: Facts on File, (2010).

Ed. and intro. Romantic Fandom. Romantic Circles Praxis Series (2011).

Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Literary Celebrity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

"EBB and the Energies of Fandom." Victorian Review 33:2 (2007): 85-102.

"The Cenci's Celebrity." Prism(s): Essays in Romanticism 11 (2003): 7-36.

Courses Taught

ENGL 406: English Romantic Poetry

ENGL 640: British Romanticism

ENGL 360: Special Topics: Jane Austen and the Gothic

ENGL 330: Literary Theory

ENGL 414: Literary Lives and Literary Scandals