Write Your Future

CheeringWhat does it mean to Major in English? It means to major in a discipline that doesn’t just ask questions about life, art, and literature, but it also gives us the tools to attempt to answer those questions in deeply human ways. It examines both the message and the messenger, acknowledging that one effects the other in powerful ways.

By picking one of the unique specialities that this Department has to offer, you can open the world of what Majoring in English means. It is exploring films from modern day blockbusters and classics, and looking beyond them. It is picking apart the English Language to find out what makes it work. It is studying literature from around the world, and how it can impact us globally. It is exploring the past and viewing history through a new lens. It is exploring our shared myths, both new and old, and finding what place they have in modern society.

 Major in English. Find out what that means to you. Write your future.