College of Humanities and Social Sciences



  • Holly A Abbe

    Holly A Abbe

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition, online instruction, technical writing, film analysis, and Shakespeare

  • Sahar Abdulaziz
  • Aseel Saad Alammar
  • Denise Albanese

    Denise Albanese


    Literature: affect and politics; problems in mass culture and popular culture; science and technology studies; critical historicism and the contemporary moment; Shakespeare in public culture; Milton and early modern literature

  • Elizabeth Small Allen

    Elizabeth Small Allen

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Jasmine Allen

    Jasmine Allen

    Writing and Rhetoric: web authoring and design, technical writing, digital/electronic publication, mobile media

  • Hussain Almalki
  • Amal Amireh

    Amal Amireh

    Associate Professor

    Literature: middle eastern literature; world literature; gender and sexuality

  • Eric Gary Anderson

    Eric Gary Anderson

    Associate Professor

    Literature: American Indian literatures, U.S. and global Southern studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, American fiction from the beginnings to the 21st century, multi-ethnic American literatures

  • Stephanie Arhin
  • Andrew Paul Art
  • Samuel Benjamin Ashworth

    Samuel Benjamin Ashworth

    Creative Writing, Literary Fiction, Food Writing

  • Jennifer Atkinson

    Jennifer Atkinson

    Associate Professor

    Creative Writing: poetry, ecopoetics, literary translation, recent and contemporary American poetry





  • Eric Eisner

    Eric Eisner

    Associate Chair

    Associate Professor

    Literature: 18th and 19th century British literature and culture, esp. Romanticism; lyric poetry; history of reading; literary and cultural theory

  • Hatim El-Hibri

    Hatim El-Hibri

    Assistant Professor

    Film and Media: global media and television studies, Middle East and Arab media studies, visual culture studies, urban studies, critical theory, media history and theory, religion and media, cultural studies

  • Douglas Eyman

    Douglas Eyman

    Associate Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric: Classical and contemporary rhetorical theory, digital rhetoric, digital scholarship and electronic publication, web authoring and design, technical and scientific writing


  • Elizabeth Ferguson

    Elizabeth Ferguson

    Writing and Rhetoric: health communications, medical rhetorics, risk communication, professional writing, business ethics, business communication

  • Lourdes Fernandez

    Lourdes Fernandez

    Writing and Rhetoric: writing program administration, professional writing,

  • Deborah Finkelstein
  • Brian Fitzpatrick

    Brian Fitzpatrick

    Assistant Professor

    Creative Writing

  • Kerry Folan

    Kerry Folan

    Assistant Professor

  • John Burt Foster

    John Burt Foster

    University Professor

    Literature: world literature, modern fiction, comparative literature

  • Kyle David Francois
  • Joy Fraser

    Joy Fraser

    Assistant Professor

    Folklore: folk narrative; foodways; folk custom and drama; cultural tourism

  • Kyle M Freelander
  • Cynthia Fuchs

    Cynthia Fuchs

    Associate Professor

    Film and Media Studies: Documentaries, American media, war movies, black popular cultures, sports and media, horror, action, and science fiction, gender and sexuality



  • Anna Sophia Habib

    Anna Sophia Habib

    Associate Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric: multilingual writing, trauma studies, writing in the disciplines

  • Liesel Hamilton
  • Tamara Harvey

    Tamara Harvey

    Associate Professor

    Literature: early American literature, early modern women's writing, feminist theory

  • Donald Paul Haspel

    Donald Paul Haspel

    Assistant Professor

  • Anthony Dyer Hoefer

    Anthony Dyer Hoefer

    Literature and culture of the U.S. South; race, religion, and literature; ecocriticism and environmental justice.

  • Julia Holcomb

    Julia Holcomb

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Shaun R Holloway
  • Caitlin Holmes

    Caitlin Holmes

    Assistant Professor

    Composition, writing in the disciplines, writing across the curriculum, teaching literature, early modern literature

  • Steve Holmes

    Steve Holmes

    Assistant Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric: theories and histories of rhetoric, material rhetorics, continental philosophy, digital rhetoric, videogames, mobile media, cultural studies, composition pedagogy

  • Jolene M Houston

    Jolene M Houston

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Billy Howell

    Billy Howell

    Assistant Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric; Creative Nonfiction & Fiction; Narrative Rhetorics; Prose Analysis; Modernist & Utopian Literature; Spatial Semiotics; Deconstruction & Hauntology

  • Virginia A Hoy

    Virginia A Hoy





  • Erica Jacobs

    Erica Jacobs

    Assistant Professor


  • Tania Rachel James

    Tania Rachel James

    Associate Professor


  • Elspeth Jensen
  • Sarah Johnson

    Sarah Johnson

    Writing and rhetoric: composition pedagogy, mindfulness meditation, writing centers, poetry as heuristic.

  • Joyce P. Johnston

    Joyce P. Johnston

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition: oral response to student writing, online civility, virtual intellectual property, online instructional design



  • Michelle  LaFrance

    Michelle LaFrance

    Assistant Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric: Composition, writing across the curriculum/in the disciplines, ethnography, writing program administration and pedagogy, student writing development

  • Justin Lafreniere

    Justin Lafreniere

    Short Fiction, Experimental Fiction, Novel and Novella Writing

  • Eric D Larson

    Eric D Larson

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Roger Lathbury

    Roger Lathbury


    Literature: nineteenth and twentieth-century American literature; publishing and book history; writing and editing

  • Mary Latimer

    Mary Latimer

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Debra Lattanzi Shutika

    Debra Lattanzi Shutika


    Associate Professor

    Folklore: Sense of Place, Appalachian Studies, Transnational Migration

  • Heidi Y. Lawrence

    Heidi Y. Lawrence

    Assistant Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric: Medical rhetoric, vaccine controversy, professional and technical communication, public rhetoric, rhetoric of science and technology

  • Susan Lawrence

    Susan Lawrence

    Writing Center Director

    Associate Professor

    Writing center theory and practice, research methods, discourse analysis

  • Catherine B Lewis

    Catherine B Lewis

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Stephanie L. Liberatore

    Stephanie L. Liberatore

    Assistant Professor

    Composition and Creative Nonfiction

  • Jeffrey Lipack
  • Lisa Lister

    Lisa Lister

    Associate Director

    Associate Professor

    Composition: First year composition, teacher development, scholarship of teaching and learning

  • J Samaine Lockwood

    J Samaine Lockwood

    Director of Undergraduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Literature: nineteenth-century American literature; gender and sexuality studies; research methods; queer theory

  • Cynthia Lukyanenko

    Cynthia Lukyanenko

    Adjunct Faculty

    language acquisition, morphology, morphosyntax, language variation

  • Douglas J. Luman

    Douglas J. Luman

    Poetry, Constrained Writing, Typography, Design, Performance



  • Alayna Marie Nagurny
  • Richard A Nanian

    Richard A Nanian

    Associate Professor


  • Abigail Newhouse
  • Helon Habila Ngalabak

    Helon Habila Ngalabak

    Associate Professor

    Creative Writing: fiction

  • Bret Nye

    Bret Nye

    Adjunct Faculty

    Creative Writing, Fiction and Nonfiction, Composition, Theories of the Post- and Nonhuman, Genre Literature and Film, Video Game Criticism and Theory, 20th and 21st-Century English Literature and World Literature in Translation



  • Michael J Pabich

    Michael J Pabich

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Violeta Palchik

    Violeta Palchik

    Folklore: Folklore, Folklife, Public Folklore, Foodways, Immigrant Experience, Urban Folklore, Cultural Anthropology.

  • Eric Pankey

    Eric Pankey


    Creative Writing: Poetry Writing, Modern and Contemporary Poetry

  • Jay Patel

    Jay Patel

    Graduate Coordinator

  • Sondra K Patrick

    Sondra K Patrick

    Associate Professor


  • Ashlee Payne

    Ashlee Payne

    Composition Theory, Writing Center Studies, Writing, Reading, Education Research

  • Alexandria Natalya Petrassi
  • Justin H Petrisek

    Justin H Petrisek

    Literature: Novels of the American South, American short story; Creative Writing: Fiction, Non-fiction, Food and Wine journalism

  • Audrey S Pettibon

    Audrey S Pettibon

    Adjunct Faculty

    - Visual and digital rhetoric and the rhetoric of display as they relate to discourse and identity. - Hyperbole and its influence on/representation in social rhetoric. - Targeted writing programs to address the professional and academic needs of non-traditional students in an online and blended-delivery setting.

  • Lisa E Photos

    Lisa E Photos

    Assistant Professor


  • Thomas H Polk

    Thomas H Polk


  • Sofia Puente-Lay
  • Rachel Ann Purdy

    Rachel Ann Purdy

    Creative Writing, Literary Journalism, Travel Writing, Biography



  • Randa Saad Awad Saad
  • Kristin Samuelian

    Kristin Samuelian

    Associate Professor

    Literature: British literature and culture of the long nineteenth century, nineteenth-century British novel, materialist approaches to literature.

  • Andreea Sandu

    Andreea Sandu

    Sociohistorical linguistics; Romance linguistics; linguistic anthropology; language contact & dialectology; language evolution; history of linguistics; bilingual language acquisition; language and gender; language and literature; language and cinema

  • Catherine E. Saunders

    Catherine E. Saunders

    Associate Professor

    Composition: 19th-century American literature, with particular focus on works by women and African-Americans; the novel; the antislavery movement; digital humanities; open educational resources; writing in and about the disciplines.

  • James E Savage

    James E Savage

    Assistant Professor

    Multilingual Education, writing and rhetoric, qualitative research

  • Jessica Scarlata

    Jessica Scarlata

    Associate Professor

    Film and Media Studies: global and transnational cinema; incarceration and security; diaspora and migration; violence and human rights; colonialism; Indian, Irish, and Latin American film; race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality

  • Sylvia Lauren Schreiner

    Sylvia Lauren Schreiner

    Assistant Professor

    Linguistics: Syntax, morphology, language documentation and revitalization; Scottish Gaelic, St. Lawrence Island / Siberian Yupik; aspect, tense, mood, modality; Distributed Morphology; roots and categories; nominals and nominal functional structure.

  • Margaret Scolaro

    Margaret Scolaro



  • Laura Ellen Scott

    Laura Ellen Scott

    Academic Coordinator


    Creative Writing

  • Jesse William Shawl
  • Susan R Shreve

    Susan R Shreve


    Creative Writing: fiction

  • Preston Simms

    Preston Simms

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Megan Sipos
  • Sheri N Sorvillo

    Sheri N Sorvillo

    Assistant Professor

    Composition and literature pedagogies, creative writing, and the writing and rhetoric of mental health conditions

  • Christine Alexis Spillson
  • Bianca Spinosa
  • Amanda Stack

    Amanda Stack

    Creative nonfiction, personal essay, memoir, flash nonfiction, travel writing, journalism, epilepsy, epileptic colonies, the Eugenics movement, Buck v. Bell, addiction, genetics & inheritance, stigma, fertility & menstruation, prison systems, gender studies, feminist theory, conflict resolution, and so on.

  • Paula P Steele

    Paula P Steele

    Adjunct Faculty

    Writing,Teaching, and Learning

  • Paula P Steele
  • Peter Streckfus

    Peter Streckfus

    Associate Professor

    Creative Writing: Poetry

  • David Richard Stroup
  • Kimberly D Stryker

    Kimberly D Stryker

    Adjunct Faculty

    Folklore: Folklore, Agriculture, Foodways, Supernatural Beliefs, Fear, Urban Legends, and Folklife Festivals.

  • Dominique Nicole Swann

    Dominique Nicole Swann

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition, Cultural Studies, African & African American Studies

  • Jennifer Swift





  • Alok Yadav

    Alok Yadav

    Associate Professor

    Literature: Restoration and 18th-Century British literature; nationalism, imperialism, and literary culture; postcolonial and world literature, esp. South Asian