College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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  • Denise Albanese

    Denise Albanese


    Literature: affect and politics; problems in mass culture and popular culture; science and technology studies; critical historicism and the contemporary moment; Shakespeare in public culture; Milton and early modern literature

  • Jasmine Allen

    Jasmine Allen

    Writing and Rhetoric: web authoring and design, technical writing, digital/electronic publication, mobile media

  • Hussain Almalki
  • Amal Amireh

    Amal Amireh

    Associate Professor

    Literature: middle eastern literature; world literature; gender and sexuality

  • Eric Gary Anderson

    Eric Gary Anderson

    Associate Professor

    Literature: American Indian literatures, U.S. and global Southern studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, American fiction from the beginnings to the 21st century, multi-ethnic American literatures

  • Jennifer Atkinson

    Jennifer Atkinson

    Associate Professor

    Creative Writing: poetry, ecopoetics, literary translation, recent and contemporary American poetry


  • Sarah E Baker

    Sarah E Baker


    Writing and Rhetoric

  • Scott W Berg

    Scott W Berg

    Associate Professor

  • Sarah E Boyle

    Sarah E Boyle

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Courtney Angela Brkic

    Courtney Angela Brkic

    Associate Professor

    Creative Writing: fiction, non-fiction and translation

  • Jacob Broderick

    Jacob Broderick


    Rhetoric, Composition, and Pedagogy: spatial politics; rhetorics of violence; cultural rhetorics; automobilities; masculinities; empathic rhetorics; rhetorics of e/migration; trends in edtech; digital pedagogies; MOOCs

  • Kenneth Broyles

    Kenneth Broyles

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Philip Burnham

    Philip Burnham

    Associate Professor


  • Zofia Burr

    Zofia Burr

    Associate Professor

    Literature: African American literature; poetry

  • Tanya Bychkovska

    Tanya Bychkovska

    ESL Specialist, The Writing Center

    Second language writing, corpus linguistics, English for academic purposes, technology in language teaching, tutor training




  • Eric Eisner

    Eric Eisner

    Associate Professor

    Literature: 18th and 19th century British literature and culture, esp. Romanticism; lyric poetry; history of reading; literary and cultural theory

  • Douglas Eyman

    Douglas Eyman

    Associate Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric: Classical and contemporary rhetorical theory, digital rhetoric, digital scholarship and electronic publication, web authoring and design, technical and scientific writing


  • Brian Fitzpatrick

    Brian Fitzpatrick

    Assistant Professor

    Creative Writing

  • John Burt Foster

    John Burt Foster

    University Professor

    Literature: world literature, modern fiction, comparative literature

  • Joy Fraser

    Joy Fraser

    Assistant Professor

    Folklore: folk narrative; foodways; folk custom and drama; cultural tourism

  • Cynthia Fuchs

    Cynthia Fuchs

    Associate Professor

    Film and Media Studies: Documentaries, American media, war movies, black popular cultures, sports and media, horror, action, and science fiction, gender and sexuality



  • Anna Sophia Habib

    Anna Sophia Habib

    Associate Professor

  • Tamara Harvey

    Tamara Harvey

    Associate Professor

    Literature: early American literature, early modern women's writing, feminist theory

  • Anthony Dyer Hoefer

    Anthony Dyer Hoefer

    Literature and culture of the U.S. South; race, religion, and literature; ecocriticism and environmental justice.

  • Julia Holcomb

    Julia Holcomb

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Caitlin Holmes

    Caitlin Holmes

    Assistant Professor

    Composition, writing in the disciplines, writing across the curriculum, teaching literature, early modern literature

  • Steve Holmes

    Steve Holmes

    Assistant Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric: theories and histories of rhetoric, material rhetorics, continental philosophy, digital rhetoric, videogames, mobile media, cultural studies, composition pedagogy

  • Virginia A Hoy

    Virginia A Hoy



  • Brian Hsu

    Brian Hsu

    Term Assistant Professor



  • Zakiyyah Iman Jackson

    Zakiyyah Iman Jackson

    Assistant Professor

    Literature: 19th-21st Century African Diasporic Literature and Visual Culture; Interrelations Among Metaphysics, Science, and Aesthetics; Posthumanism; New Materialism; Bio/Necro/Cosmo-politics; Feminist and Queer Theory; Racial Ecologies


  • Erica Jacobs

    Erica Jacobs

    Assistant Professor


  • Tania Rachel James

    Tania Rachel James

    Associate Professor


  • Jennifer Ann Janisch
  • Joyce P. Johnston

    Joyce P. Johnston

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition: oral response to student writing, online civility, virtual intellectual property, online instructional design


  • David Kaufmann

    David Kaufmann


    Literature: contemporary poetry; Critical Theory; Visual art and Art History;

  • Sally Keith

    Sally Keith

    Associate Professor

    Creative Writing: poetry

  • Joseph W Killiany

    Joseph W Killiany



  • Sara M King

    Sara M King

    Associate Professor


  • Lisa Koch

    Lisa Koch


    Composition: Literature - Teen/Young Adult Fiction, Gender and Sexuality, United States Literature, African American Literature, Women Writers

  • David L Kuebrich

    David L Kuebrich

    Associate Professor

    Literature: American literature and its relations to political and religious contexts

  • Anne M Kuhta

    Anne M Kuhta

    Adjunct Faculty

    Adult learning styles, classroom assessment techniques, and composition.


  • Michelle  LaFrance

    Michelle LaFrance

    Assistant Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric: Composition, writing across the curriculum/in the disciplines, ethnography, writing program administration and pedagogy, student writing development

  • Amy L Laptad

    Amy L Laptad

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Roger Lathbury

    Roger Lathbury


    Literature: nineteenth and twentieth-century American literature; publishing and book history; writing and editing

  • Debra Lattanzi Shutika

    Debra Lattanzi Shutika


    Associate Professor

    Folklore: Sense of Place, Appalachian Studies, Transnational Migration

  • Heidi Y. Lawrence

    Heidi Y. Lawrence

    Assistant Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric: Medical rhetoric, vaccine controversy, professional and technical communication, public rhetoric, rhetoric of science and technology

  • Susan Lawrence

    Susan Lawrence

    Writing Center Director

    Associate Professor

    Writing center theory and practice, research methods, discourse analysis

  • Stephanie L. Liberatore

    Stephanie L. Liberatore

    Assistant Professor

    Composition and Creative Nonfiction

  • Lisa Lister

    Lisa Lister

    Associate Professor

    Composition: teacher development, scholarship of teaching and learning

  • J Samaine Lockwood

    J Samaine Lockwood

    Director of Undergraduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Literature: nineteenth-century American literature; gender and sexuality studies; research methods; queer theory


  • Marissa Catherine Mack

    Marissa Catherine Mack

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Michael Malouf

    Michael Malouf

    Director of Graduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Literature: Modernism;Anglophone novel and poetry, spec. Irish, Caribbean, British literature; postcolonialism and cultural studies

  • Courtney Massie

    Courtney Massie

    Writing Center Assistant Director

    Writing center studies, graduate student professionalization, empathy

  • Jessica Matthews

    Jessica Matthews

    Associate Director, Composition


  • Robert I Matz

    Robert I Matz


    Literature: Early modern literature, Shakespeare and Renaissance drama, gender and sexuality

  • Teresa L Michals

    Teresa L Michals

    Associate Professor

    Literature: history of children's literature; eighteenth-century British literature; disability studies

  • William Miller

    William Miller

    Director of the MFA Program


    Creative Writing

  • Katherine Marie Miscavige

    Katherine Marie Miscavige

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Alexander Monea

    Alexander Monea

    Assistant Professor

    Media Studies, Software and Critical Code Studies, Cultural Studies, History of Technology, Philosophy of Technology

  • Kyoko Mori

    Kyoko Mori


    Creative Writing: non-fiction and fiction





  • Dorothy Raffel

    Dorothy Raffel



  • E Shelley Reid

    E Shelley Reid


    Associate Professor

    composition and rhetoric, writing program administration, writing pedagogy education

  • David McKinley Robinson
  • Paul M. Rogers

    Paul M. Rogers

    Associate Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric: My primary research interests revolve around the development of writing abilities across the lifespan, with an emphasis on instruction and feedback, and the relationship of writing to knowledge production and social innovation.

  • Mark Rudnicki

    Mark Rudnicki

    Assistant Professor


  • Amelia Rutledge

    Amelia Rutledge

    Associate Professor

    Literature: medieval literature, science fiction, fantasy, literature and the arts, children's literature


  • Kristin Samuelian

    Kristin Samuelian

    Associate Professor

    Literature: British literature and culture of the long nineteenth century, nineteenth-century British novel, materialist approaches to literature.

  • Catherine E.  Saunders

    Catherine E. Saunders

    Associate Professor

    Composition: 19th-century American literature, with particular focus on works by women and African-Americans; the novel; the antislavery movement; digital humanities; open educational resources; writing in and about the disciplines.

  • Jessica Scarlata

    Jessica Scarlata

    Associate Professor

    Film and Media Studies: global and transnational cinema; incarceration and security; diaspora and migration; violence and human rights; colonialism; Indian, Irish, and Latin American film; race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality

  • Margaret Scolaro

    Margaret Scolaro



  • Laura Ellen Scott

    Laura Ellen Scott

    Academic Coordinator


    Creative Writing

  • Susan R Shreve

    Susan R Shreve


    Creative Writing: fiction

  • Sheri Sorvillo
  • Miruna Stanica

    Miruna Stanica

    Assistant Professor

    Literature: eighteenth-century British literature; history of the novel

  • Peter Streckfus

    Peter Streckfus

    Associate Professor

    Creative Writing: Poetry

  • Kimberly D Stryker

    Kimberly D Stryker

    Adjunct Faculty

    Folklore: Folklore, Urban Agriculture

  • Dominique Nicole Swann

    Dominique Nicole Swann

    Composition, Cultural Studies, African & African American Studies


  • Dean Taciuch

    Dean Taciuch



  • E Art Taylor

    E Art Taylor

    Associate Professor


  • Kenneth Thompson

    Kenneth Thompson


    Literature and popular culture, history of technology and business.

  • Susan Tichy

    Susan Tichy


    poetry; visual poetry; mixed form (prose & poetry); poetry's intersections with walking art and land art;


  • Lauren Wallace

    Lauren Wallace

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Jill Waybright

    Jill Waybright


  • Steven H. Weinberger

    Steven H. Weinberger

    Associate Professor

    Linguistics: phonetics, phonology, second language acquisition, speech accents, alien language

  • Stefan Wheelock

    Stefan Wheelock

    Associate Professor

    Literature: late eighteenth century/early nineteenth century black antislavery writing with a particular emphasis on slave narrative autobiography, early black polemic, and their contributions to Atlantic political and intellectual currencies

  • Douglas J Wulf

    Douglas J Wulf

    Associate Professor

    Linguistics: Application of linguistics to TESL, formal semantics and the semantics-pragmatics interface, historical linguistics, computational linguistics


  • Alok Yadav

    Alok Yadav

    Associate Professor

    Literature: Restoration and 18th-Century British literature; nationalism, imperialism, and literary culture; postcolonial and world literature, esp. South Asian