Kristine Gussow

Kristine Gussow

Kristine Gussow

Adjunct Faculty

Writing and Rhetoric: Distance education, technology in education

My name is Kristine Gussow, and I have been a Professor of English since 2006.  I received my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in May 2000, and moved to Dublin, Ireland shortly thereafter to participate in some research projects at the University College of Dublin.  An avid writer of short stories and poetry, I found inspiration traveling around Ireland, the home of literary greats such as Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and Jonathan Swift.  

In 2004, I returned to the USA, and immediately began my Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology.  I decided to double major in Rhetoric and Composition, as I wanted to continue to strengthen my own writing skills.  I began student teaching in 2005, and I realized my calling was teaching English, Literature and Composition at the college level.  

I have been teaching English and Composition on campus and online since 2006.  The online world of instruction has changed dramatically in the past 14 years!  I love reaching out to my students and seeing them succeed.  It's always so amazing to see my students grow over the course of a semester.

I do try to make writing fun and applicable with every assignment.  Please do not ever hesitate to contact me, should you have questions or concerns about your academic progress!

Courses Taught

Advanced Composition


British Literature


I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in 2000 from the University of Texas.  I began graduate work in Clinical Psychology, with an end goal of a PhD in Abnormal Psychology, but decided to take a different path after falling in love with Rhetoric and Composition.  

I completed my Master's Degree in May 2005 from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.