Engage Your World

WallCollege is a time to start exploring new experiences. One of the byproducts of that is the realization that the world is a lot larger than we like to think it is, while at the same time acknowledging that the world is getting steadily smaller. The reality is that through advancements in technology, it is impossible to go into any field without considering the impact it will have on the world.

Studying English is the perfect way to engage that still big, yet shrinking, world around us.

What better way to learn about how we can affect the world than by studying the great works created by writers across the globe, both past and present, as you enter a conversation that has been happening for centuries? A degree in English prepares you for that conversation, forcing you to think about the global impact your words will have as you prepare anything, from a poem to an essay to an ad campaign to how your words will be interpreted by new software. Learning to adapt your language to a global audience is a very specific skill, one that an English degree will easily help you prepare.

Engage your community. Engage your degree. Engage your world.