• Denise Albanese

    Research Interests: affect and politics; problems in mass culture and popular culture; science and technology studies; critical historicism and the contemporary moment; Shakespeare in public culture; Milton and early modern literature

    Selected Publications

    Extramural Shakespeare. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

    "School for Scandal?: New Media Hamlet, Olivier, and Camp Connoisseurship." Renaissance Drama 34 (2005): 185-208.

    "The Popular Mechanics of Rude Mechanicals: Shakespeare and the Walls of Academe." Shakespeare Studies 32 (2004): 295-321.

    "Mathematics as a Social Formation: Mapping the Early Modern Universal." The Culture of Capital: Property, Cities, and Knowledge in Early Modern England. Ed. Henry S. Turner. New York: Routledge, 2002. 255-73.

    (co-editor). The Instruction of a Christen Woman, by Juan Luis Vives. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 2001.

    "The Shakespeare Film and the Americanization of Culture." Marxist Shakespeares. Ed. Jean Howard and Scott Shershow. New York: Routledge, 2000. 206-26.

    New Science, New World. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 1996.

  • Amal Amireh

    Research Interests: middle eastern literature; world literature; gender and sexuality

    Selected Publications

    (co-editor). Comparative Literature Studies 47.4 (2010). Special issue: "Arabic Literature Now: Between Area Studies and the New Comparatism."

    "Palestinian Women Suicide Bombers Through Western Eyes." Gendered Bodies: Feminist Perspectives. Ed. Judith Lorber and Lisa Jean Moore. Los Angeles: Roxbury, 2007. 207-08.

    "Bearing Witness: The Politics of Form in Etel Adnan's Sitt Marie Rose." Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies 14.3 (2005): 251-63.

    "Between Complicity and Subversion: Body Politics in Palestinian National Narrative." South Atlantic Quarterly 102 (2003): 745-70; repr. (with afterword) in Diversifying the Discourse: Florence Howe Award for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship, 1990-2004. Ed. Mihoko Suzuki and Roseanna Dufault. New York: Modern Language Association, 2006. 288-307.

    (co-editor). Etel Adnan: Critical Perspectives on Her Life and Art. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2002.

    (co-editor). Going Global: The Transnational Reception of Third World Women Writers. New York: Garland, 2000.

    The Factory Girl and the Seamstress: Imagining Gender and Class in Nineteenth Century American Fiction. New York: Garland, 2000.

  • Eric Gary Anderson

    Research Interests: American Indian literatures, Southern studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, American fiction from the beginnings to the 21st century, multi-ethnic American literatures

    Selected Publications

    Undead Souths: The Gothic and Beyond in Southern Literature and Culture. Co-edited by Eric Gary Anderson, Taylor Hagood, and Daniel Cross Turner. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2015.

    "Native Southern Transformations, or, Light in August and Werewolves." In Faulkner and the Native South: Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha 2016. Edited by Jay Watson, Annette Trefzer and James G. Thomas, Jr. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2019. 148-166.

    "The Truth Is South There: The X-Files's Transregional Souths." In Small-Screen Souths: Region, Identity, and the Cultural Politics of Television, edited by Lisa Hinrichsen, Gina Caison, and Stephanie Rountree. Louisiana State University Press, 2017. 221-240.

    "The Landscape of Disaster: Hemingway, Porter, and the Soundings of Indigenous Silence." With Melanie Benson Taylor. Co-authored essay for "Modernism and Native America," a special issue of Texas Studies in Literature and Language. 59: 3 (Fall 2017). 319-352.

    "Earthworks and Contemporary Indigenous American Literature: Foundations and Futures." Native South 9 (2016). 1-26.

    "Literary and Textual Histories of the Native South." The Oxford Handbook to the Literature of the U.S. South. Ed. Fred Hobson and Barbara Ladd. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016. 17-32.

    "On Native Ground: Indigenous Presences and Countercolonial Strategies in Southern Narratives of Captivity, Removal, and Repossession." Southern Spaces (Aug. 2007). (Available online)


  • Ann L Ardis

    Research Interests: British modernism; technologies of culture; periodical press history; gender

    Selected Publications

    Editor, “Mediamorphosis: Print Culture and Transatlantic/Transnational Public Spheres,” Modernism/modernity 19.3 (September 2012). vii + 173 pp.

    Transatlantic Print Culture, 1880-1940: Emerging Media, Emerging Modernisms. Co-edited with Patrick Collier. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. xi + 259 pp.

    Modernism and Cultural Conflict, 1880-1922. Cambridge University Press, 2002. Reprinted in paper, 2008. ix + 187 pp.

    Women’s Experience of Modernity, 1875-1945. Co-edited with Leslie  Lewis. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002. vii + 312 pp.

    Virginia Woolf: Turning the Centuries. Selected Papers from the Ninth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf. Co-edited with Bonnie Kime Scott. Pace University Press, 2000. viii + 356 pp.

    New Women, New Novels: Feminism and Early Modernism. New Brunswick and London: Rutgers University Press, 1990. x + 217 pp.

  • Jennifer Atkinson

    Research Interests: poetry, ecopoetics, eco-justice, recent and contemporary American poetry

    Selected Publications

    The Thinking Eye, Parlor Press/Free Verse Editions, 2016.

    Canticle of the Night Path, Free Verse Editions, 2012.

    Drift Ice. Wilkes-Barre, PA: Etruscan P, 2008.

    The Drowned City. Boston: Northeastern UP, 2000.

    The Dogwood Tree. Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P, 1990.

  • Eric K. Auld

    Research Interests: Composition, creative writing, humor writing

    Selected Publications

  • Amy N Bangerter

    Research Interests: Asian American Literature and Culture, American Studies, Teaching Pedagogy

    Selected Publications

    Bangerter, Amy.  “The New Englandization of Yung Wing: Family, Nation, Region.”  Asian Americans in New England: Culture and Community, edited by Monica Chiu, University of New Hampshire Press, 2009, pp. 42-65. 

  • James P Blevins

    Selected Publications

    Chuang, Yu-Ying, Kaidi Lõo, James P. Blevins, and R. Harald Baayen. 2019. Estonian case inflection made simple: A case study in Word and Paradigm morphology with Linear Discriminative Learning. In Complex Words. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Blevins, James P., Petar Milin, and Michael Ramscar. 2017. The Zipfian Paradigm Cell Filling Problem. In Perspectives on Morphological Structure: Data and Analyses, ed. by F. Kiefer, J. P. Blevins, and H. Bartos. Leiden: Brill, 141–158.

    Blevins, James P. 2016. Word and Paradigm Morphology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    Ackerman, Farrell, James P. Blevins, and Robert Malouf. 2009. Parts and wholes: Implicative patterns in inflectional paradigms. In Analogy in Grammar: Form and Acquisition, ed. by J. P. Blevins and J. Blevins. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 54–81.

    Blevins, James P. 2008. Declension classes in Estonian. Linguistica Uralica 44(4), 241–267.

    Blevins, James P. (2006). Word-based morphology. Journal of Linguistics 42(3), 531–573.

  • Courtney Angela Brkic

    Research Interests: fiction, non-fiction and translation

    Selected Publications

    "Framing A Loss." Slate. May, 2018 (essay)

    "At the March for Our Lives, Registering a New Generation of Voters." LitHub. March 26, 2018 (essay)

    The First Rule of Swimming, New York: Little, Brown & Company, 2013.

    The Stone Fields: An Epitaph for the Living. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2004.

    Stillness: and Other Stories. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2003.

    “Crossing the Rio Grande.” Guernica. December 4, 2013 (short story)

    "Gathering Up the Little Gods." Missouri Review 29.4 (Winter 2006): 42-57. (short story)

    "Adiyo, Kerido." Zoetrope. (Summer 2003) (short story)


  • Rachael Erin Burke

    Research Interests: UX/UI, technical writing, mixed-methods research, human computer interaction, information and communication technologies, human centered design , systems design and analysis, design as research

    Selected Publications

    Burke, Rachael E., & Broderick, Jacob. (2017). ​Navigating the gig: rideshare drivers and mobile technologies in context. Proceedings of the 35th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication.

    Burke, Rachael E. (2016, January). Empathy: Rethinking 'student-centeredness' in the writing classroom. The Writing Campus.

    Burke, Rachael E. (2016, February). Evolution not revolution: Empathy as supportive practice. The Writing Campus.

    Burke, Rachael E. (2016, February). I changed my mind: Articulating empathic design. The Writing Campus.

  • Philip Burnham

    Selected Publications

    How the Other Half Lived: A People's Guide to American Historic Sites. Boston: Faber and Faber, 1995.

    Indian Country, God's Country: Native Americans and the National Parks. Washington, DC: Island P, 2000.

    So Far from Dixie: Confederates in Yankee Prisons. Lanham, MD: Taylor, 2003.

    Song of Dewey Beard: Last Survivor of the Little Bighorn.  Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2014.

  • Zofia Burr

    Research Interests: African American literature; poetry

    Selected Publications

    Of Women, Poetry, and Power: Strategies of Address in Dickinson, Miles, Brooks, Lorde, and Angelou (U of Illinois Press, November) 2002.   

  • Tanya Bychkovska

    Research Interests: Second language writing, corpus linguistics, English for academic purposes, technology in language teaching, tutor training, ESL graduate writing groups

    Selected Publications

    Lee., J. J., Bychkovska, T., & Maxwell, J. D. (2019). Breaking the rules? A corpus-based comparison of informal features in L1 and L2 undergraduate student writing. System, 80, 143-153. Available from

    Bychkovska, T., & Lee, J. J. (2017). At the same time: Lexical bundles in L1 and L2 university student argumentative writing. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 30, 38-52. Available from

    Bychkovska, T. (2017, October). [Review of the book Discipline-specific writing: From theory into practice, by J. Flowerdew, & T. Costley]. TESOL Second Language Writing Interest Section Newsletter. Available from

  • Hyunyoung Cho

    Research Interests: Early Modern British Literature and Culture; International Education and Student Mobility

    Selected Publications

    "John Milton's Of Education and the Humanities in College Education" Journal of Medieval and Early Modern English Studies. 28.2 (2018): 267-87

    " 'Homeward returning': Plebeian Romance and Naturalization of Vagrancy in John Milton's Paradise Lost." Journal of English Language and Literature. 64.1 (2018): 135-50. 

    Rosenblum, K. E., D. W. Haines, and H. Cho. "Where Are We, When Are We, and Who Are We to Each Other? Connectedness and the Evolving Meanings of International Education." International Student Connectedness and Identity. Ed. Ly Thi Tran and Catherine Gomes. Singapore: Springer, 2017.

    Cho, H., D. W. Haines, and K. E. Rosenblum, "Drifting Houses, Shifting Anchors: A Case of Transnational Higher Education in Korea." Global Perspectives and Local Challenges Surrounding International Student Mobility.   Ed. Krishna Bista and Charlotte Foster. Pennsylvania: IGI Global, 2016.

    Cho, H., D. W. Haines, and K. E. Rosenblum, eds. Diversity at Mason: A New Kind of International. Fairfax, VA: A George Mason University Diversity Research Group Publication, 2015.


  • Keith Clark

    Selected Publications

    The Radical Fiction of Ann Petry, Louisiana State UP, 2013.

    Black Manhood in James Baldwin, Ernest J. Gaines, and August Wilson. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 2002.

    (ed.) Contemporary Black Men's Fiction and Drama. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 2001.

    Review of Randall Kenan (ed.), The Cross of Redemption: Uncollected Writings by James Baldwin, Resources for American Literary Study, 35 (September 2012): 714-17

    "Que(e)rying the Prison-House of Black Male Desire: Homosociality in Ernest Gaine's 'Three Men.'"  African American Review (Summer 2006) 239-55.

    "Are we Family? Pedagogy and the Race for Queerness." Black Queer StudiesA Critical Anthology. Ed. E. Patrick Johnson and Mae G. Henderson. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 2005. 266-75

    "From a Thousand Different Points of View':The Multiple Masculinities of Ann Petry's 'Miss Muriel'".  Ann Petry's Short Fiction:Critical Essays. Ed. Hazel Arnett Ervin and Hilary Holladay. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004. 79-96. (co-ed., with Stephanie Brown). "Black Literary Masculinities." Special section of Callaloo 26.3 (Summer 2003).

  • Albert J Defazio

    Research Interests: Hemingway, Composition

    Selected Publications

    The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, 1923-1925, Volume 2. Eds. Sandra Spanier, Albert J. DeFazio, and Robert Trogdon. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2013.

    The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, 1907-1922, Volume 1. Associate Editor. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2011.

    Dear Papa . . .Dear Hotch: The Correspondence of Ernest Hemingway and A. E. Hotchner.  Columbia: U of Missouri P, 2005.

    The Sun Also Rises: Literary Masterpieces.  Detroit:  Gale, 2000. 

  • Timothy Denevi

    Research Interests: Nonfiction; Essay

    Selected Publications


    Freak Kingdom PublicAffairs/Hachette, 2018

    Hyper Simon & Schuster, 2014



    "A New Book Describes Hunter. S. Thompson's Prescience" The Atlantic

    "Inside Hunter S. Thompson's Battle Against American Fascism" Rolling Stone

    Book TV Segment on Freak Kingdom, CSPAN

    "The Joe Rogan Experience #1264: Timothy Denevi" 


    "Fascism and Conspiracy Theories at CPAC" Salon, 2019

    "Front and Center at the Michael Cohen Hearing" Literary Hub, 2019

    "Front Row at Michael Bennet's Senate-Floor Dismantling of Ted Cruz," Literary Hub, 2019

    "Fear and Loathing at Richard Nixon's Inauguration," from FREAK KINGDOM Time, 2019

    "Hunter S. Thompson in Chicago, 1968: The Battle for the Democratic Party's Soul," from FREAK KINGDOM  Salon, 2018

    "On American Fascism and the Self-Destruct Button at the Heart of Our Democracy", 2018

    "The Unite the Right Rally in DC: Defining American Fascism in the 21st Century" Salon, 2018

    "The Last Days of Robert F. Kennedy: On the Radical Compassion of an American Icon" Literary Hub, 2018

    "On RFK's Murder and Conspiracy Theories" Salon, 2018

    "Hear the Real Dr. Gonzo Roar" Salon, 2018

    "Backcourt at the US OPEN: On Time, Age, and Politics" Literary Hub, 2017

    "Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, and Hunter S. Thompson at the 1964 RNC" The Paris Review, 2017

    "The Temple" The Normal School, 2017

    "At CPAC: The Dark, Orwellian Power of Steve Bannon" Literary Hub, 2017

    "The Future is a Ceiling of Impossible Water" Scoundrel Time, 2017

    "January 20th, 2017: "Jesus Christ at the Inauguration" Literary Hub, 2017

    "On Impulsiveness, Authenticity, and Donald Trump" New York, 2017

    "November 8th, 2016: A Long, Sad Night in Washington, DC" Literary Hub, 2016

    "On Amphetamine, Authority, and Hunter S. Thompson" New York, 2016

    Essays from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Literary Hub, 2016
         "On the Road to Cleveland: Trump Speaks to the Werewolf in Us"
         "Tuesday in Cleveland, Republicans Sing 'Shake it Off'"
         "Wednesday in Cleveland: A Full-Blown Roman Circus"
         "Cleveland, Last Days: Trump's Speech, The End"
         "Bernie Bros and Trump Thugs: A Hot Day in Philadelphia"
         "At the Last Day of the DNC: Maybe the World Won't Come to an End"


  • Sharon P. Doetsch-Kidder

    Research Interests: Meditation and mindfulness in education, international higher education

    Selected Publications


    Social Change and Intersectional Activism: The Spirit of Social Movement. Palgrave Macmillan: 2012.

    Refereed Articles:

    "Loving Criticism: A Spiritual Philosophy of Social Change." Feminist Studies 38:2 (Summer 2012)

    "My story is really not mine': An Interview with Latina Trans Activist Ruby Bracamonte" Feminist Studies 37:2 (Summer 2011).

    Other Publications:

    Review of Intersectionality and Social Change by Lynne M. Woehrle, Ed. Mobilization: An International Quarterly 21:4 (December 2016).

    “Feeding People in All Their Hungers: Spiritual Activism in Queer Chicana Feminist Writing.” NWSA Action 16:2 (Spring 2005).

    “Working for Women’s Health in Catholic Higher Education and Working with Women’s Studies: Constraints and Benefits.” Connections: The National Association for Women in Catholic Higher Education 9:1 (2001).

  • Isidore K Dorpenyo

    Research Interests: Writing and Rhetoric: International technical communication, professional and technical communication, social justice, public intellectualism, rhetoric of technology, technology and elections, politics, biometric technology, and localization.

    Selected Publications

    User Localization Strategies in the Face of Technological Breakdown: Biometric in Ghana’s Elections. Palgrave Macmillan Press. 2019

    Dorpenyo, K.I. “Risky Election, Vulnerable Technology: Localizing Biometric use in Elections for the Sake of Justice.” Technical Communication Quarterly, (2019):1-15

    Guest Editor (special issue): “Technical Communication and Elections Technologies.” Technical Communication, 65.4 (2018)

    “Mapping a Space for Rhetorical-Cultural Analysis: A case of a Scientific Proposal.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 45.3 (2015)

    Bowen, L. M., Arko, K., Beatty, J., Delaney, C., Dorpenyo, I., Moeller, L., ... & Velat, J. “Community Engagement in a Graduate-Level Community Literacy Course.” Community Literacy Journal, 9.1, (2014):18-38.

  • Eric Eisner

    Research Interests: 18th and 19th century British literature and culture, esp. Romanticism; lyric poetry; history of reading; literary and cultural theory

    Selected Publications


    "Versions of Negative Capability in Modern American Poetry and Criticism." Keats's Negative Capability: New Origins and Afterlives. Ed. Brian Rejack and Michael Theune. Liverpool University Press, 2019. 154-170.

    “Drag Keats: Mark Doty’s ‘Cockney Poetics’.” European Romantic Review 28:3 (2017) 387-393.

    “Reading for the Moment.” “We, Reading, Now” Colloquium, eds. Julie Orlemanski and Dalglish Chew. Arcade: Literature, Humanities, & The World. October 2016.

    "Jane Austen and the Gothic." Teaching Jane Austen. Ed. Devoney Looser and Emily C. Friedman. Romantic Circles. April 2015.

    "Disaster Poetics: Keats and Contemporary Poetry." Wordsworth Circle 44:2-3 (2013) 153-58.

    Ed. and intro. Romantic Fandom. Romantic Circles Praxis Series (2011).

    Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Literary Celebrity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

    "Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the Energies of Fandom." Victorian Review 33:2 (2007): 85-102. Rpt. in Harold Bloom, ed. Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Bloom's Modern Critical Views). New York: Chelsea House, 2015.

    "The Cenci's Celebrity." Prism(s): Essays in Romanticism 11 (2003): 7-36.

  • Hatim El-Hibri

    Research Interests: Film and Media: global media and television studies, Middle East and Arab media studies, visual culture studies, urban studies, critical theory, media history and theory, religion and media, cultural studies

    Selected Publications

    "Disagreement without Dissensus: The Contradictions of Hizbullah's Mediatized Populism" International Journal of Communication, Vol 11 (2017): 4239-4255.


    “Media Studies, the Spatial Turn, and the Middle East.” Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. Vol 10, 1 (2017): 24-48.


    “The Cultural Logic of Visibility in the Arab Uprisings.” International Journal of Communication, Vol 8 (2014): 835-852.


    “Mapping Beirut: Toward a History of the Translation of Space from the French Mandate through the Civil War (1920-91).” The Arab World Geographer, Vol 12, Nos. 3-4 (2010): 119-135.

  • Laura A Ewing

    Research Interests: Intercultural technical communication, digital communication, professional and technical writing

    Selected Publications

    • “Social media strategy for the military-engaged American Red Cross” #RhetOps, forthcoming 2018.
    • “An Intercultural Analysis of Social Media Advocacy in Disaster Response” Citizenship and Advocacy in Technical Communication: Scholarly and Pedagogical Perspectives with Megan McIntyre, July 2018.
  • Douglas Eyman

    Research Interests: Classical and contemporary rhetorical theory, digital rhetoric, digital scholarship and electronic publication, web authoring and design, technical and scientific writing

    Selected Publications

    Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice. University of Michigan Press, Digital Culture Books series, (2015).

    Play/Write: Digital Rhetoric, Writing, Games. Co-edited with Andrea Davis. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press, (2016).

    "Digital rhetoric as evolving field: Traditional and contemporary practices." Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, Culture, 23 (2016):

    "From player to maker: The value of rhetoric in an age of ubiquitous gaming." PRE/TEXT: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory, 21 (2016): 45-57.

    "Composing for Digital Publication: Rhetoric, Design, Code." with Cheryl Ball. Composition Studies, 42.1 (2014): 114-117.

    "Writing, Rhetoric, and Design: A Virtual Collaboration Case Study." Virtual Collaborative Writing in the Workplace: Computer-Mediated Communication Technologies and Processes. Ed. Beth Hewett and Charlotte Robideaux. Hershey: IGI Press, 2010. 350-359.

    "Usability: Methodology and Design Practice for Writing Processes and Pedagogies." Rhetorically Rethinking Usability: Theories, Practices, and Methodologies. Ed. Susan Miller-Cochran and Rochelle Rodrigo. Cresskill: Hampton Press, 2009. 213-28.

    "Learning from Kairos: Value, Visibility, and Virtual Teamwork." Handbook of Research on Virtual Workplaces and the New Nature of Business Practices. Ed. Pavel Zemliansky and Kirk St. Amant. Hershey: IGI Publishing, 2008. 590-98.

    "Computer Gaming and Technical Communication: An Ecological Framework." Technical Communication 55.3 (2008): 242-50.

    "Digital Literac(ies), Digital Discourses, and Communities of Practice: Literacy Practices in Virtual Environments." Cultural Studies of Literacy Practices. Ed. Victoria Purcell-Gates. Mahwah: Erlbaum, 2007. 181-95.

  • Lourdes Fernandez

    Research Interests: writing program administration, professional writing, composition

    Selected Publications

    Heidi Y. Lawrence, Lourdes Fernandez, Rachael Graham Lussos, Bonnie Stabile & Melissa Broeckelman-Post. (2019). Communicating campus sexual assault: A mixed methods rhetorical analysis, Technical Communication Quarterly, 28:4, 299-316.


    Rachael Graham Lussos & Lourdes Fernandez. (2018). Assault and accusation without agents: Verb voice in media narratives of campus sexual assault. Journal of Mason Graduate Research (JMGR), 5(2), 108-127.


    Bree A. McGregor & Lourdes Fernandez. (2017). Writing faculty on the Marine Corps base: Building strong classroom communities through engagement and advocacy. Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service Learning 16(2), 129-150.


  • John Burt Foster

    Research Interests: world literature, modern fiction, comparative literature

    Selected Publications

    Heirs to Dionysus: A Nietzschean Current in Literary Modernism. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1981.

    Nabokov's Art Memory and European Modernism. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1993.

    (ed., with Wayne J. Froman) Thresholds of Western Culture: Identity, Postcoloniality, Transnationalism. London: Continuum, 2003.

    (ed., with Wayne J. Froman) Dramas of Culture: Theory, History, Performance. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2008.

    Transnational Tolstoy: Between the West and the World. London: Bloomsbury, 2013.

    "Magical Realism, Compensatory Vision, and Felt History: Classical Realism Transformed in The White Hotel." Magical Realism: Theory, History, Community. Ed. Lois Zamora and Wendy Faris. Durham: Duke UP, 1995. 267-83.

    "Zarathustrian Millennialism Before the Millennium: From Bely to Yeats to Malraux." Why Nietzsche Still? Reflections on Drama, Culture, Politics. Ed. Alan Schrift. Berkeley: U of California P, 2000. 99-117.

    "'Show Me the Zulu Tolstoy': A Russian Classic Between 'First' and 'Third' Worlds." Slavic and East European Journal 45.2 (2001): 260-74.

    "Cultural Encounters in Global Contexts: World Literature as a One-Semester General Education Course." Teaching World Literature. Ed. David Damrosch. New York: Modern Language Association, 2009. 155-64.

    "Three 'Comparative' Autobiographies: Cultural Multiplicity in Mary McCarthy, Wole Soyinka, Edward Said." Beyond Binarism: Identities in Process. Essays in Comparative Literature. Ed. Eduardo F. Coutinho. Rio de Janeiro: Areoplano, 2009. 24-33.

    "Memory in the Literary Memoir," The Memory Process: Neuroscientific and Humanistic Perspectives, eds. Suzanne Nalbantian, Paul Matthews, and James L. McClelland.  Cambridge: MIT Press, 2010. 297-313.

    "Soyinka [Euripides, Nietzsche] Thomas Mann: Intertextual Dialogues across the Twentieth Century," Theatres in the Round: Multi-ethnic, Indigenous, and Intertextual Dialogues in Drama, ed. Dorothy Figueira and Marc Maufort, Bruxelles: Peter Lang, 2011. 211-27

    "Forum on Promoting the Study of Modern Literature Worldwide: The MLA and its Conventions," ed. and introd. John Burt Foster, Jr. Comparative Literature Studies 50.2 (Spring 2013): 191-243.

    “Love Across Borders in Hadji Murad: Variations on a Cross-Cultural Motif in Tolstoy,  Stendhal, and D.H. Lawrence,” Partial Answers 12.2 (2014): 311-29.

  • Cynthia Fuchs

    Research Interests: Documentaries, television, social media, war movies, sports media, black popular cultures, LGBTQ media, horror, action, and science fiction movies and TV, gender and sexuality

    Selected Publications

    PopMatters Editor, Writer, and Contributing Editor 1989-now. 

    "'A Few Brief Moments': Truth and Image in Sports Documentaries." Gender and Genre in Sports Documentaries: Critical Essays. Edited by Zachary Ingle and David M. Sutera. Scarecrow Press 2102. 

    Iraq War Cultures. Co-editor. New York: Peter Lang Publishers (2011).

    "Unsportsmanlike Call." In Media Res. 22 January 2009.

    "'Did anyone ever explain to you what "secret identity" means?': Race and Displacement in Buffy and Dark Angel." Undead TV: Essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Edited by Lisa Parks and Elana Levine. Duke University Press 2007.

    "'I'm from rags to riches': The Death of Jay-Z." Medium Cool: Music Videos from Soundies to Cellphones. Edited by Roger Beebe and Jason Mittel. Durham NC: Duke University Press 2007.

    "Un- de- re- classified: Adel Hamad's case goes to YouTube." In Media Res. 21 February 2007. 

    "Too Big." Guernica. Winter 2005. 

    "Taxi Driver: "I got some bad ideas in my head." Film Analysis: A Norton Reader. NYC: W.W. Norton & Company. Edited by Randy Rutsky. New York: Norton. 2005. 

    "'The whole fucking world warped around me': bad kids and contexts." Bad: Infamy, Darkness, Evil, and Slime on Screen. Edited by Murray Pomerance. December 2003.

    Spike Lee: Interviews. Editor. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi. 2002.

  • Donald R Gallehr

    Research Interests: brain research and the teaching of writing; portfolio assessment; writing and meditation

    Selected Publications

    "What is the Sound of No Hand Clapping? Using the Secularized Zen Koans in the Teaching of Writing." The Spiritual Side of Writing. Ed. Regina Foehr and Susan Schiller. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook, 1997. 95-104.

    "Wait and the Writing Will Come: Meditation and the Composing Process." Presence of Mind: Writing and the Domain Beyond the Cognitive. Ed. Alice Glarden Brand and Richard L. Graves. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook, 1994. 21-29.

    "Portfolio Assessment in the College Writing Classroom." Process and Portfolios in Writing Instruction. Ed. Kent Gill. Classroom Practices in Teaching English, vol. 26. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 1993. 75-80.

    "Exploring BAWP: An Early Visit to the Summer Institute." In Teachers at the Center: A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Writing Project, by James Gray. Berkeley, CA: National Writing Project, 2000. 133.

    "Reading Jim Moffett." Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning 3 (Winter 1997-98): 2-3.

  • Rosalind Raymond Gann

    Research Interests: The language/rhetoric interface; English composition for second language learners; academic English acquisition; international teaching.

    Selected Publications

    Beyond Alphabetic Literacy, Lessons from the Chinese.  Co-authored, Wei Liu Beijing Normal University & Martha Collins, ETSU. American Reading Forum Yearbook, Dec. 2010.

     Wt dz txtng do 2 yr spllng?  Co-authored, Karin Bartoszuk, East Tennessee State University.International Journal on the Book, 2010.

    Inscribe Me in The Book of Life. Journal of Affective Reading Instruction. Summer, 2006.Beyond

     Linguistic Hegemony: language, migration, and Appalachian schools: Co-Authored, Marquez & Dean. Changing English, December 2006

     Language, conflict, and community: linguistic accommodation in the urban U.S. Changing English, Vol. 11, No. 1, March 2004.

     Lore in the Lab: Linguistic Accommodation between AAVE and WAVE youngsters in an urban middle school.  American Reading Forum Online Journal.  Vol. 23, 2003.

  • Benjamin Gatling

    Research Interests: narrative, performance, the ethnography of communication, Persianate oral traditions, Islam, Central Asia and the Middle East

    Selected Publications

    2019. “Islam and Cultural Heritage on Tajik Television,” Central Asian Affairs 6(2), 113-132.

    2018. Expressions of Sufi Culture in Tajikistan, University of Wisconsin Press.

    2016. “Historical Narrative, Intertextuality, and Cultural Continuity in Post-Soviet Tajikistan,” Journal of Folklore Research 53(1), 41-65.

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    2013. “Tradition, Stigma, and Inclusion: overcoming obstacles to educational access in Tajikistan.” In Learning to See Invisible Children: inclusion of children with disabilities in Central Asia, eds. Martyn Rouse and Kate Lapham, Central European University Press, 21-34.  Published in Russian as “Traditsiya, stigma i inklyuziya: preodolenie prepyatstviy k polucheniyu obrazovaniya v Tadzhikistane,” in Journal of Social Policy Studies, 11(4), 457-470.

    2010. “Negotiations in Performance,” Folklore Forum 40(1).

  • Lisa Marie Gilman

    Research Interests: Folklore, public humanities, performance studies, African Studies, women's and gender studies, politics and culture, ethnographic fieldwork, filmmaking, digital storytelling.

    Selected Publications


    Forthcoming. Everyday Life on the African Continent: Fun, Leisure, and Expressivity. Pre-contract with Ohio University Press. (co-edited with Kemi Balogun, Melissa Graboyes, and Habib Iddrisu). 2019 projected publication.

    2019. Folklore and Ethnomusicology Fieldwork Methods Handbook. Indiana University Press. (co-authored with John Fenn).

    2016. My Music, My War: The Listening Habits of U.S. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wesleyan University Press.

    2015 UNESCO on the Ground: Local Perspectives on Intangible Cultural Heritage. Indiana University Press. (co-edited with Michael Dylan Foster).

    2009 The Dance of Politics: Performance, Gender, and Democratization in Malawi. Temple University Press.

    Documentary Film

    2011  Grounds for Resistance: Stories of War, Sacrifice, and Good Coffee. Distributed by Films Media Group. A documentary about contemporary G.I. resistance.

  • Leslie Goetsch

    Selected Publications

    Back Creek, a novel (Bancroft Press, 2008).

  • Stephen Goodwin

    Research Interests: fiction; non-fiction; online writing and publishing

    Selected Publications

    Breaking Her Fall. New York: Harcourt, 2003.

    Dream Golf: The Making of Bandon Dunes. New York: Algonquin Books, 2006.

    The Blood of Paradise. Charlottesville: UP of Virginia, 1979.

    "Father's Day," American Scholar, June 2014

    "Best, Tom," Virginia Quarterly Review, Fall 2014

    "Jersey Boy -- Remembering Alan Cheuse," Idaho Review, Fall 2016

    "We Can't Make You Whole Again," American Scholar, June 2018

    Transgressions" and "Vanity" (essays available on Goodwin's website).

  • Anna Sophia Habib

    Research Interests: multilingual writing, trauma studies, writing in the disciplines

    Selected Publications

    Mallett, J. Haan & A. Habib (June 2016). Developing Disciplinary Expertise, Bilinguality, Peer Mentorship, and Language Policy: Four Pedagogical Innovations in the Context of a Graduate Pathway Program. In S. Simpson, N. Caplan, M. Cox, T. Phillips (Eds.). Supporting Graduate Student Writers: Research, Curriculum and Program Design. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.

    Habib, A., Mallett, K. & Haan, J. (Feb 2015). The Development of Disciplinary Expertise: An EAP and RGS-informed Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Genre at George Mason University. Composition Forum (31). Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition: Penn State University.

    Zawacki, T. & Habib, A. (2014). “Internationalization, English L2 Writers, and the Writing Classroom: Implications for Teaching and Learning.” College Composition and Communication 65:4. 654-662. Print.

    Zawacki, T. & Habib, A. (2014). Negotiating “Errors” in L2 Writing: Faculty Dispositions and Language Difference. In M. Cox & T. Zawacki (eds.) WAC and Second Language Writers: Research towards Linguistically and Culturally Inclusive Programs and Practices. Parlor Press. Perspectives on Writing Series. Web. 



  • Tamara Harvey

    Research Interests: early American literature, early modern women's writing, feminist theory

    Selected Publications


    (co-editor, with Debra Bergoffen, Paula Ruth Gilbert, and Connie L. McNeely). Confronting Global Gender Justice: Women's Lives, Human Rights. London: Routledge, 2011.

    Figuring Modesty in Feminist Discourse Across the Americas, 1633-1700. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2008.

    (co-editor, with Greg O'Brien). George Washington's South. Gainesville: UP of Florida, 2004.


    "Gender," New Histories of American Puritan Literature, eds. Kristina Bross and Abram Van Engen (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

    “Settlement Literatures Before and Beyond the Stories of Nations,” Blackwell Companion to American Literature, Vol. 1, eds. Susan Belasco, Theresa Strouth Gaul, Linck Johnson, and Michael Soto (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming).

    “Before the Poetess: Women’s Poetry in the Early Republic,” A History of Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Poetry, eds. Jennifer Putzi and Alexandra Socarides (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016).

    With Joan Bristol, “Creole Civic Pride and Positioning ‘Exceptional’ Black Women.” Women’s Narratives of the Early Americas and the Formation of Empire, eds. Mary McAleer Balkun and Susan Imbarrato (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).

    "Seventeenth-Century Pansapphism: Comparing 'Exceptional Women' of the Americas and Europe." Approaches to Teaching Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Ed. Emilie Bergmann and Stacey Shlau. New York: Modern Language Association, 2007. 112-18.

    "'My Goods Are True': Tenth Muses in the New World Market." Feminist Interventions in Early American Studies. Ed. Mary Carruth. Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P, 2006. 13-26.

    "'Now Sisters . . . impart your usefulness and force': Anne Bradstreet's Feminist Functionalism in The Tenth Muse (1650)." Early American Literature 35.1 (2000): 5-28.

    "'Taken from her Mouth': Narrative Authority and the Conversion of Patience Boston." Narrative 6.3 (1998): 256-70.

  • Paul Haspel

    Research Interests: Chesapeake Bay regional literature and culture; film studies

    Selected Publications

    "Berlin’s Own Rip Van Winkle: The Washington Irving Connection in Wolfgang Becker’s Good Bye, Lenin!Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies 53.4 (November 2017).

    “SRSD for RAFT Writing.” Design Principles for Teaching Effective Writing. E-Book. Amsterdam: Brill Editions, 2017.

    “California in Extremis: A West Coast Setting and 1960’s Anxiety in The Birds.” Hitchcock Annual 20 (2015).

    “District of Tomorrow: Science Fiction Films in Washington, D.C.” World Film Locations: Washington, D.C. Ed. Katherine Larsen. Chicago: Intellect Books/University of Chicago Press, 2015.

    “Capital of Fear: The Washington, D.C., Suspense Film.” World Film Locations: Washington, D.C. Ed. Katherine Larsen. Chicago: Intellect Books/University of Chicago Press, 2015.

  • Anthony Dyer Hoefer

    Research Interests: Literature and culture of the U.S. South; race, religion, and literature; ecocriticism and environmental justice.

    Selected Publications

    “Violence, Spectacular and Slow: Murder, Ecology, and Genre in Biguenet’s Oyster and Rash’s One Foot in Eden.” Mississippi Quarterly. Forthcoming.

    “Quarantining Blackness, Writing Whiteness: The Literary and Memorial Geographies of Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina.” South Atlantic Review. 82.2 (2017): 36-58.

    “A Qualitative Consideration of Current Quantitative Souths.” Society for the Study of Southern Literature Newsletter. 49:1 (2015). Web.

    Apocalypse South: Judgment, Cataclysm, and Resistance in the Regional Imaginary. Columbus: The Ohio State University Press, 2012.

    “A Revision of the Record: The Demands of Reading Josh Neufeld’s A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge.” Comics and the American South, Brannon Costello and Qiana Whitted, editors. University Press of Mississippi. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 2012.

  • Billy Howell

    Research Interests: Writing and Rhetoric; Creative Nonfiction & Fiction; Narrative Rhetorics; Prose Analysis; Modernist & Utopian Literature; Spatial Semiotics; Deconstruction & Hauntology

    Selected Publications

    • "Encroachment." Oklahoma Review 17.2 (2016).
    • "Fragile." Welter (2016).
    • "Remains." Rabbit Catastrophe Review 4 (2012).
    • "Everybody Has to Learn Sometime." Hazard Yet Forward (2012).
    • "How to Leave Your Mother." Florida Review 35.2 (2010).
    • "Rock Shelter." Lumina (2011).
  • Jessica Hurley

    Research Interests: Speculative fiction and sci-fi; environmental humanities; C20/21 multi-ethnic American literatures; postcolonial and Indigenous literatures; science and technology studies; gender and sexuality studies.

    Selected Publications

    Impossible Futures: Fictions of Risk in the Longue DuréeAmerican Literature 89:4 (2017). 

    Apocalypse. Special issue of ASAP/Journal 3:3 (2018), coedited with Dan Sinykin. 

    An Apocalypse is a Relative Thing: An Interview with N.K. Jemisin. ASAP/Journal 3:3 (2018)

    The Nuclear Uncanny in OceaniaCommonwealth Essays and Studies 41:1 (2018)

    History is What Bites: Zombies, Race, and the Limits of Biopower in Colson Whitehead’s Zone OneExtrapolation 56:3 (2015).


  • Tania Rachel James

    Research Interests: Fiction

    Selected Publications

    The Tusk That Did The Damage. New York: Vintage Books, 2015

    Aerogrammes: and Other Stories. New York: Knopf, 2012

    Atlas of Unknowns. New York: Vintage, 2009

  • Rosemary Jann

    Research Interests: nineteenth-century British literature, history of science, interdisciplinary and cultural studies

    Selected Publications

    "Breeding, Education, and Vulgarity: George Gissing and the Lower-Middle Classes." Victorian Vulgarity: Taste in Verbal and Visual Culture. Ed. Susan Bernstein and Elsie Michie. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2009.

    (ed.) Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, by Edwin Abbott. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2006.

    "Hardy's Rustics and the Construction of Class." Victorian Literature and Culture 28.2 (2000): 411-25.

    "Eliza Burt Gamble: Revising the Descent of Woman." Natural Eloquence: Women Reinscribe. Ed. Barbara Gates and Ann Shteir. Madison: U of Wisconsin P, 1997. 147-63.

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Detecting Social Order. New York: Twayne, 1995.

    "Darwin and the Anthropologists: Sexual Selection and Its Discontents." Victorian Studies 37.2 (1994): 287-306. (Repr. in Sexualities in Victorian Britain. Ed. Andrew H. Miller and James Eli Adams. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1996. 79-95.)

    The Art and Science of Victorian History. Columbus: Ohio UP, 1985.

  • Joyce P. Johnston

    Research Interests: Digital intellectual property, online civility, online instructional design, oral response to student writing

    Selected Publications

    Publications include "The Good, the Bad and the University: Digital Intellectual Property Flashpoints for 2014" in Proceedings for the World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2014. 

    Public and Persona: Constructing an Online Voice for Professionals presented at the International Conference of Technology, Knowledge and Society in Bilbao, Spain, and appearing in Volume 7 of the Society's journal in November 2011.

    "The Beginnings of Science Writing in America: The Declaration of Independence as a Report of Experimental Research" in The International of Science in Society 2009.

  • Deborah Kaplan

    Research Interests: Restoration and eighteenth-century British literature, British drama and performance, feminist theory and criticism

    Selected Publications

    Jane Austen among Women. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1992. (Chap. 4 repr. in Critical Essays on Jane Austen. Ed. Laura Mooneyham White. New York: Hall, 1998. 13-33; and abridged in the Norton Critical Edition of Pride and Prejudice. Ed. Donald Gray. New York: Norton, 2001. 368-75.)

    "'Adieu Buttock': Censorship Restoration Comedies for the Early Eighteenth-Century Stage." Imagining Selves: Essays in Honor of Patricia Meyer Spacks. Ed. Rivka Swenson and Elise Lauterbach. Newark: U of Delaware P, 2008. 132-54.

    "Learning 'to Speak the English Language': The Way of the World on the Twentieth-Century American Stage." Theatre Journal 49.3 (1997): 301-21.

    "Mass Marketing Jane Austen: Men, Women, and Courtship in Two of the Recent Films." Persuasions 18 (1996): 171-81. (Repr. in Jane Austen in Hollywood. Ed. Linda Troost and Sayre Greenfield. Lexington: UP of Kentucky, 1998. 177-87; and abridged in the Norton Critical Edition of Sense and Sensibility. Ed. Claudia Johnson. New York: Norton, 2002. 402-10.)

    "Representing the Nation: Restoration Comedies on the Early Twentieth-Century London Stage." Theatre Survey 36.2 (1995): 37-61.

  • David Kaufmann

    Research Interests: contemporary poetry; Critical Theory; Visual art and Art History;

  • Sally Keith

    Research Interests: poetry

    Selected Publications


    River House. Milkweed Editions (2015)

    The Fact of the Matter. Milkweed Editions (2012)

    Dwelling Song. University of Georgia Press (2004) 

    Design. Center for Literary Publishing (2000)

  • Michelle LaFrance

    Research Interests: Feminist research, community writing, writing across the curriculum/in the disciplines, ethnography, writing program administration and pedagogy

    Selected Publications

    LaFrance, Michelle. Institutional Ethnography: A Theory of Practice for Writing Studies Researchers. (2019.) Utah State University Press/University of Colorado.

    LaFrance, Michelle and Wardle, Elizabeth. "The 21st Century Feminist WPA," Journal of Writing Program Administration (June 2019). 

    LaFrance, Michelle and Alisa Russell. “Preparing Leaders Familiar with WAC-Contexts: Research Methods Course/Program Review as PhD Student Mentoring Opportunity.” WACJournal (Winter 2018/2019.)

    Corbett, Steven J. and Michelle LaFrance. Peer Review and Peer Response: A Critical Sourcebook. Bedford/St. Martins. (2017.)

    Anicca Cox, Timothy R. Dougherty, Seth Kahn, Michelle LaFrance, and Amy Lynch-Biniek “The Indianapolis Resolution: Responding to 21st Century Exigencies/Political Economies of Composition Labor.” College Composition and Communication, Special Issue: Political Economies. 68.1 (2016): 38-67. 

    LaFrance, Michelle. “An Institutional Ethnography of Information Literacy: Critical Challenges for a First Year Writing Program.” Journal of Writing Program Administration. 39.2 (2016): 105-22.

    LaFrance, Michelle. “Making Visible Labor Issues in Writing Across the Curriculum: A Call for Research.” Forum: Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty. Fall 2015, 18.3. A13-A17. Print.

    Corbett, Steven J., Michelle LaFrance, and Teagan E. Decker, ed. Peer Pressure, Peer Power: Theory and Practice in Peer Review Response for the Writing Classroom. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead Press, 2014. Print.

    Corbett, Steven J., Michelle LaFrance, Cara Lane, and Janice Fournier. “Mapping, Re-Mediating, and Reflecting on Writing Process Realities: Transitioning from Print to Electronic Portfolios in First-Year Composition.” ePortfolio Performance Support Systems: Constructing, Presenting, and Assessing Portfolios in the Academy and Workplace. Ed. Katherine Wills and Richard Rice. Fort Collins: WAC Clearinghouse and Anderson, South Carolina: Parlor Press, 2014. 181-203. Print.

    Benson, Nancy, Steven J. Corbett, Anicca Cox, Will Higgins, Robin Kish, Michelle LaFrance, and Katy Whittingham. “Rethinking First-Year English as First Year WAC: A Writing About Writing Approach.” Double Helix: A Journal of Critical Thinking and Writing 1.1 (September 2013). 1-16. Web.

    LaFrance, Michelle and Melissa Nicolas. “What’s Your Frequency?: Preliminary Results of a Survey on Faculty and Staff Perspectives on Their Work in Writing Centers.” Writing Lab Newsletter 38.5-6. (January/February 2013). 10-13. Print.

    LaFrance, Michelle and Melissa Nicolas. “Institutional Ethnography as Materialist Framework for Writing Program Research and the Faculty-Staff Work Standpoints Project.” College Composition and Communication. 64.1 (2012): 130-150. Print.

    Steven J. Corbett and Michelle LaFrance. “From Grammatical to Global: The WAC/Writing Center Connection.” Praxis: A Writing Center Journal 6.2 (Spring 2009). Web.

    Tatum, Clifford and Michelle LaFrance. “The Case of Neoliberalism: Wikipedia as a Distributed Knowledge Laboratory.” E-Research: Transformations in Scholarly Practice. Ed. Nicholas Jankowski. New York: Routledge, 2009. 310-327. Print.

  • Debra Lattanzi Shutika

    Research Interests: Sense of Place, Appalachian Studies, Transnational Migration

    Selected Publications

    Beyond the Borderlands: Migration and Belonging in the United States and Mexico. University of California Press, 2011.

  • Heidi Y. Lawrence

    Research Interests: Medical rhetoric, vaccine controversy, professional and technical communication, public rhetoric, rhetoric of science and technology

    Selected Publications


    Lawrence, Heidi Yoston. Vaccine Rhetorics. The Ohio State University Press. In press, available Spring 2020.



    Hausman, Bernice, Heidi Y. Lawrence,Susan Marmagas, Clare Dannenberg, and Lauren Fortenbery. “H1N1 Vaccination and Health Beliefs in a Rural Community in the Southeastern United States: Lessons Learned.” Critical Public Health. Accepted August 2018.

    Lawrence, Heidi Y.“When Patients Question Vaccines: Considering Vaccine Communication through a Material Rhetorical Approach.” Rhetoric of Health and Medicine, 1.1-2 (2018): 161-178.

    Lawrence, Heidi Y.,Rachael Graham Lussos, and Jessica Clark. “The Rhetoric of Proposal Writing: Pedagogy, Research, and Real-world Practice.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. First Published December 13, 2017. 1-18.

    Lawrence, Heidi Y.“Fear of the Irreparable: Narratives in Vaccination Rhetoric.” Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics 6.3 (Winter 2016): 205-209.

    Scott, Jennifer Bracken, Kristin Kondrlik, Heidi Y. Lawrence,Susan Popham, and Candice Welhausen. “Rhetoric, Ebola, and Vaccination: A Conversation Among Scholars.” POROI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetorical Analysis and Invention11.2 (Dec. 2015): 1-26.

    Lawrence, Heidi Y.“Healthy Bodies, Toxic Medicines: Vaccination Beliefs and the Rhetorics of Health, Illness, and the Body.” Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine. 87.4 (December 2014): 423-437.

    Lawrence, Heidi Y.,Bernice L. Hausman, and Clare J. Dannenberg. “Reframing Medicine’s Publics: The Local as a Public of Vaccine Refusal.” Journal of the Medical Humanities35.2 (June 2014): 111-129.

    Dannenberg, Clare J., Bernice L. Hausman, Heidi Y. Lawrence, and Katrina M. Powell. “The Moral Appeal of Environmental Discourses: The Implication of Ethical Rhetorics.” Environmental Communication6.2 (Summer 2012): 212-232. DOI: 10.1080/175242032.2012.668856.



    Lawrence, Heidi Y. Review of The Antivaccine Heresy: Jacobson v. Massachusetts and the Troubled History of Contemporary Vaccination in the United States. Nursing History Review (NHR). 26.1 (2018).

    Lawrence, Heidi Y. Review of Vaccinations and Public Concern in History: Legend, Rumor, and Risk Perception. Journal of Business and Technical Communication29.4 (October 2015): 490-495.

  • Susan Lawrence

    Research Interests: Writing center theory and practice, research methods, discourse analysis

    Selected Publications

    Lawrence, Susan and Terry Myers Zawacki, editors. Re/Writing the Center: Pedagogies, Practices, and Partnerships to Support Graduate Students in the Writing Center. Utah State University Press. In press.

    Lawrence, Susan and Terry Myers Zawacki, editors. Special issue of WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship, vol. 40, no. 2, March/April 2016. Special issue on writing center support for graduate student thesis and dissertation writers.

    Lawrence, Susan. "The Intertextual Forging of Epideictic Discourse: Construals of Victims in the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission Amnesty Hearings." Rhetoric in Detail: Discourse Analyses of Rhetorical Talk and Text, edited by Barbara Johnstone and Christopher Eisenhart, John Benjamins, 2008, pp. 113-40

    Hayes, John R., Diana M. Bajzak, Susan Lawrence, and Erwin R. Steinberg.  "Developing an Online Writing Tutor: The Interaction of Design Principles and Assessment."  Blurring Boundaries: Developing Writers, Researchers and Teachers: A Tribute to William L. Smith, edited by Peggy O'Neill, Hampton Press, 2007, pp. 169-93

    Flower, Linda, Susan Lawrence, and Desiree Cook, "Tracking a Literate Practice Across the Disciplines: The Rival Hypothesis Stance in Biology and History."  Learning to Rival: A Literature Practice for Intercultural Inquiry, edited by Linda Flower, Elenore Long, and Lorraine Higgins, Lawrence Erlbaum, 2000, pp. 213-25

  • Stephanie L. Liberatore

    Research Interests: Composition and Creative Nonfiction

    Selected Publications

    Liberatore, Stephanie L. “Sixteen Reasons to Move to San Francisco, or Not.” EDGE 8 (2014): 39–50.

    Liberatore, Stephanie L. “Under My Father’s Tree.” Hot Metal Bridge Fall (2013). n. page. 

  • J Samaine Lockwood

    Research Interests: nineteenth-century American literature; gender and sexuality studies; research methods; queer theory

    Selected Publications

    "Normands cosmopolites dans la Nouvelle-Angleterre régionaliste de Sarah Orne Jewett." Romantisme 181 (2018): 73-84.

    Archives of Desire: The Queer Historical Work of New England Regionalism. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2015.

    "Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Colonial Revival." Legacy 29.1 (2012): 86-114.

    "Shopping for the Nation: Women's China Collecting in Late-Nineteenth-Century New England." The New England Quarterly 81.1 (2008): 63-90.

  • Cynthia Lukyanenko

    Research Interests: language acquisition, morphology, morphosyntax, language variation, real-time language comprehension

    Selected Publications

    Blanchette, F. & Lukyanenko, C. (2019). Unacceptable grammar? An eye-tracking study of English Negative Concord. Language and Cognition. [link]

    Lukyanenko, C. & Miller, K. (2018). Children's and adults' processing of variable agreement patterns: Agreement neutralization in English. Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. [link]

    Lukyanenko, C., & Fisher, C. (2016). Where are the cookies? 2- and 3-year-olds use number-marked verbs to anticipate upcoming nouns. Cognition 146, 349-370. [link]

    Lukyanenko, C., Conroy, A., & Lidz, J. (2014). Is she patting Katie? Constraints on pronominal reference in 30-month-olds. Language Learning and Development 10(4), 328-344. [link]

  • Rachael Graham Lussos

    Research Interests: medical rhetoric, health communication, proposal writing, activism, multimodal composition

    Selected Publications

    Lawrence, H. Y., Fernandez, L., Lussos, R. G., Stabile, B., & Broeckelman-Post, M. (2019). Communicating campus sexual assault: A mixed methods rhetorical analysis. Technical Communication Quarterly. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/10572252.2019.1621386

    Lussos, R. (2019). Quantifying chronic pain: A mixed-methods analysis of chronic pain sufferers’ public and private discourse. The Journal of Pain, 20(4), S60.

    St.Amant, K. (2018). Contextualized time and kairotic care in health and medicine (R. G. Lussos, Interviewer). Technoculture. Retrieved from

    Lussos, R. G. (2018). Have your epideictic rhetoric, and eat it, too. The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics (JOMR), 2(1).

    Lussos, R. G. & Fernandez, L. (2018). Assault and accusation without agents: Verb voice in media narratives of campus sexual assault. Journal of Mason Graduate Research (JMGR), 5(2).

    Holmes, S. & Lussos, R. G. (2018). Cultivating metanoia in Twitter publics: Analyzing and producing bots of protest in the #gamergate controversy. Computers and Composition.

    Lawrence, H., Lussos, R. G., & Clarke, J. (2017). Rhetorics of proposal writing: Lessons for pedagogy in research and real-world practice. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication (JTWC). Advance online publication.

    Lussos, R. G. (2017). Twitter bots as digital writing assignments. PraxisWiki, 22(2).

    Lussos, R. G. (2017, March). Keith Wailoo. Pain: A Political History. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014. $29.95. pp. 284. Paper. ISBN: 9781421413655. [Review of the book Pain: A political history, by K. Wailoo]. World Medical & Health Policy, 9, 1.

    Lussos, R. G. (2016, September). The multiperspectival rhetorical situation as a method for rhetorical analysis and communication development. Proceedings of the 34th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication. Article No. 46.

  • Michael G Malouf

    Research Interests: Modernism; Anglophone novel, drama, and poetry, spec. Irish, Caribbean, British literature; literary theory, postcolonialism and cultural studies; history of English.

    Selected Publications


    Transatlantic Solidarities: Irish Nationalism and Caribbean Poetics. Charlottesville: University  of Virginia Press, 2009.


    “Behind the Closet Door: Pixar and Petroliteracy.” Petrocultures: Oil, Energy, Culture. Edited by Sheena Wilson, Adam Carlson, and Imre Szeman. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017.

    “Shaw in Context: Empire and Nationalism.” Literature in Context: George Bernard Shaw. Ed. Brad Kent. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming 2015.

    “Problems with Paradigms: Irish Comparativism and Casanova’s World Republic of Letters." New Hibernia Review 17:1 (Spring 2013): 48-66.

    "Dissimilation and Federation: Irish and Caribbean Modernisms in Walcott's The Sea at Dauphin." Comparative American Studies 8.2 (2010):

    "Transatlantic Fugue: Self and Solidarity in the Black and Green Atlantics." The Black and Green Atlantic. Ed. David Lloyd and Peter O'Neill. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. 149-64.


  • Robert I Matz

    Research Interests: Early modern literature, Shakespeare and Renaissance drama, gender and sexuality

    Selected Publications

    Two Early Modern Marriage Sermons: Henry Smith’s A Preparative to Marriage (1591) and William Whately’s A Bride-Bush (1623). Edition. Routledge, 2016.

    "The Scandals of Shakespeare's Sonnets."  ELH 77 (2010): 477-508

    The World of Shakespeare's Sonnets: An Introduction.  McFarland, 2008.  Selected as a 2008 Choice Outstanding Academic Title.

    Defending Literature in Early Modern England: Renaissance Literary Theory in Social Context, Cambridge University Press, 2000.

    "Slander, Renaissance Discourses of Sodomy, and Othello," ELH 66 (1999): 261-76.

  • Ryan McDonald

    Research Interests: composition and writing center pedagogy

    Selected Publications

    McDonald, R. “A Review of Steven Church’s I’m Just Getting to the Disturbing Part.Brevity. 2018.

    McDonald, R. “A Normal Interview: Ryan McDonald Talks with Steven Church.” The Normal School Online. 2018

    McDonald, R. “The Coal Mine Makes a Good Lake: Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energy, and Our Efforts To Warm and Cool.” Catapult. 2018.

    McDonald, R. “500 Years of Sugaring.” 1966. 2018.

    McDonald, R. “The Darkness All Around Us.” The Rumpus. 2017.

    McDonald, R. “For You and I to See: Shenandoah National Park.” The Normal School Online.

    McDonald, R. “One Fat Toad and Many Moths.” Animal: a Beast of a Literary Magazine. 

    McDonald, R. “Under the Bridge.” The Bitchin’ Kitsch, 2016.

  • Alexander Monea

    Research Interests: Film and Media Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Cultural Studies, AI / Machine Learning, Big Data, Image Recognition, Computer Vision, Eye Tracking

    Selected Publications

    Monea, A. (Forthcoming). Captured Time: Eye Tracking and the Attention Economy. In Volmar, A. & Stine, K. (Eds.) Hardwired Temporalities. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam University Press.

    Monea, A. (2019). Race and Computer Vision. In Sudmann, A. (Ed.) The Democratization of AI. Berlin, Germany: Transcript Press (Distributed by Columbia University Press) (VIEW)

    Monea, A. (2019). From Aristotle to Computational Topoi. In Sundvall, S. (Ed.). Rhetorical Speculations: The Future of Rhetoric, Writing, and Technology. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.

    Monea, A. (2016). The Graphing of Difference: Numerical Mediation and the Case of Google’s Knowledge Graph. Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies, 16(5), 452–461. (VIEW)

    Monea, A. & Packer, J. (2016). Media Genealogy and the Politics of Archaeology. The International Journal of Communication, 10, 3141–3159. (VIEW)

  • Kyoko Mori

    Research Interests: non-fiction and fiction

    Selected Publications


    Yarn: Remembering the Way Home.  Gemmamedia Book (2010)

    Polite Lies: on Being a Woman Caught between Cultures.  Henry Holt (1998); Fawcett (1999)

    The Dream of Water.  Henry Holt (1994); Fawcett (1995)



    Barn Cat.  Gemmamedia Books (2013)

    Stone Field, True Arrow.  Metropolitan (2000); Picador USA (2001)

    One Bird. Henry Holt (1995); Fawcett (1996)

    Shizuko’s Daughter.  Henry Holt (1993); Fawcett (1994)



    “Pet Grief,” “Yarn,” Harvard Review

    “Cat and Bird,” “Between the Forest and the Well,” Conjunctions

    “Alone in the Garden,” Washingtonian

    “The Pleasure of Letting Go,” Ploughshares

    “Pullovers,” the American Scholar

    “Shawls,” the Missouri Review

  • Robert L Nadeau

    Research Interests: 20th-century American literature, science and literature, history of science, economics and the environment

    Selected Publications

    The Environmental Endgame: Mainstream Economics, Ecological Disaster, and Human Survival. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 2006.

    The Wealth of Nature: How Mainstream Economics Has Failed the Environment. New York: Columbia UP, 2003.

    (with Minas C. Kafatos). The Conscious Universe: Parts and Wholes in Physical Reality. New York: Springer, 2000.

    (with Minas C. Kafatos). The Non-Local Universe: The New Physics and Matters of the Mind. New York: Oxford UP, 1999.

    S/he Brain: Science, Sexual Politics, and the Myths of Feminism. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1996.

    Mind, Machines, and Human Consciousness. Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1991.

    (with Minas C. Kafatos). The Conscious Universe: Part and Whole in Modern Physical Theory. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1990.

    Nature Talks Back: Pathways to Survival in the Nuclear Age. Washington, DC: Orchises, 1984.

    Readings from the New Book on Nature: Physics and Metaphysics in the Modern Novel. Amherst: U of Massachusetts P, 1981.

  • Kara Oakleaf

    Selected Publications

    "An East Coaster Considers California." Fiction, Stirring: A Literary Collection, 2018.

    "View of the End of the World from the Holiday Inn Express - Salina." Fiction, Jellyfish Review, 2018.

    "Gravity, Reduced." Fiction, SmokeLong Quarterly, 2017.

    "Baby In Light." Fiction, Postcard Poems and Prose, 2017.

    "Origin Story." Nonfiction, Tahoma Literary Review, 2016.

    "The Astronauts' Baseball League." Fiction, Monkeybicycle, 2016.

  • Eric Pankey

    Research Interests: Poetry Writing, Modern and Contemporary Poetry

    Selected Publications

    Crow-Work  (Milkweed Editions 2015)

    Augury (Milkweed Editions 2017)

    Vestiges:Notes, Responses, & Essays 1988-2018 (Parlor Press 2019)

    Owl of Minerva (Milkweed Editions 2019)

    Alias: Prose Poems (Free Verse Editions 2019)




  • E Shelley Reid

    Research Interests: faculty development, composition and rhetoric, writing program administration, writing pedagogy education

    Selected Publications


    Reid, E. Shelley. “Defining Dispositions: Mapping Student Attitudes and Strategies in College Composition.” Contemporary Perspectives on Cognition and Writing, edited by Patricia Portonova, J. Michael Riffenberg, and Duane Roen, WAC Clearinghouse Press, 2017, pp. 291-312.

    Reid, E. Shelley. “On Learning to Teach: Letter to a New TA.” WPA: Writing Program Administration 40.2 (Spring 2017): 129-145.

    Reid, E. Shelley. “Peer Review for Peer Review’s Sake: Resituating Peer Review Pedagogy.” Peer Pressure, Peer Power: Collaborative Peer Review and Response for the Writing Classroom. Ed. Steven J. Corbett, Michelle LaFrance, and Teagan Decker. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead Press, 2014. 217-231.

    Reid, E. Shelley, Heidi Estrem, and Marcia Belchier.“The Effects of Writing Pedagogy Education on Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Approaches to Teaching Composition.” WPA: Writing Program Administration 36.1 (Fall 2012): 32-73.

    Winner, the Kenneth Bruffee Award for Best Article in WPA: Writing Program Administration, 2012-2013.

    Estrem, Heidi, and E. Shelley Reid. “What New Writing Teachers Talk About When They Talk About Teaching.” Pedagogy 12.3 (Fall 2012): 447-478.

    Selected for and reprinted in The Best of the Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2013. Ed. Steve Parks et al. Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press, 2015. 292-329.

    Reid, E. Shelley. “Ten Ways To Think About Writing: Metaphoric Musings for College Writing Students.” Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 2. Ed. Charlie Lowe and Pavel Zemliansky. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press, 2010. 3-23. < >

    Reid, E. Shelley. “Teaching Writing Teachers Writing: Difficulty, Exploration, and Reflection.” College Composition and Communication 61.2 (December 2009): 376 [W197-W221].

    Reid, E. Shelley. “Mentoring Peer Mentors: Program Design and Mentor Education in the Composition Program.” Composition Studies 36.2 (Fall 2008): 51-80.


  • Sarah E Rickless (formerly Baker)

    Selected Publications


    Uncovering Challenges and Pedagogical Complications in Dissertation Writing and Supervisory Practices: Findings from a Multi-method Study of Doctoral Students and Advisers. Rogers, Paul, Zawacki, Terry Myers, & Baker, Sarah E. in Graduate Writing Support: Research, Pedagogy, and Program Design. Eds. Steve Simpson, Michelle Cox, Nigel Caplan, & Talinn Phillips. University of Michigan Press, 2015 (in press)

    Voices at the Table: Balancing the Needs and Wants of Program Stakeholders to Design a Value-added Writing Assessment Plan. Zawacki, Terry Myers, Reid, E. Shelley, Zhou, Ying, & Baker, Sarah E. (2009, December 3). Across the Disciplines [Special issue on Writing Across the Curriculum and Assessment],

    Written Communication Assessment Update 2007-10, In Focus (Mason Office of Institutional Assessment), 2010

    Reviews: The Academic Writer’s Workbook, Sage Publications (2011); Bedford Guide for Writing Tutors, Fourth Edition, Bedford/St. Martins (2008)


    Blurring the Lines: What the National Writing Project Model Can (Continue To) Teach College WAC, International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, 2016 (forthcoming)

    Using Theory Shifting to Construct a Sustainable Program Narrative, International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, 2014

    Pilot Writing Fellows Program for Business Communication and Multilingual Writers, International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, 2014

    The Shifting Landscape of Graduate Student Writing in and across Disciplines, Writing Research Across Borders Conference, 2014

    Narratives of Leadership in Internationalized Higher Education, NAFSA Region VIII Conference, 2013

    Symbiosis Under Scrutiny: The Strength of WAC Agency, International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, 2010

    Sustaining Faculty Integration of New Technologies: The TAC/WAC Learning Communities at George Mason University, Educause Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, 2009

    A Wiki on Every Desktop, International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, 2008

    “Will My Story Bring Change…?” Reflections by Non-Native Student-Writers Help Reinvent the U.S. Academy, Conference on College Composition and Communication, 2008

    Visual Praxis across the Disciplines, George Washington University Graduate Symposium, 2007

  • Paul M. Rogers

    Research Interests: My primary research interests revolve around the development of writing abilities across the lifespan, with an emphasis on instruction and feedback, and the relationship of writing to knowledge production and social innovation.

    Selected Publications

    Co-Edited Volumes

    Bazerman, C., Russell, D., & Rogers, P.M., et al (in press). Knowing Writing: Writing Research Across Borders. Fort Collins, Colorado: The WAC Clearinghouse.

    Plane, S., Bazerman, C. & Rogers, P.M. (2017). Writing Research from Multiple Perspectives, Paris, France: Centre de Recherche sur les Médiations and Fort Collins, Colorado: The WAC Clearinghouse.

    Bazerman, C., Dean  C., Early J., Lunsford, K., Null S., Rogers P. & Stansell A. (Eds.), (2012). Advances in International Writing Research: Cultures, Places, and Measures. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press. 

    Zawacki, T. & Rogers, P.M (Eds.). (2011). Writing across the curriculum: A critical sourcebook. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's.

    Bazerman, C., Krut, R., Lunsford K., McLeod S., Null, S., Rogers P. & Stansell A. (Eds.), (2010). Traditions of writing research. Oxford, UK: Routledge.

    Journal Articles and Book Chapters

    Rogers, P.M. (2017). Crossing the borders of professional practice through initiative, interaction, and participation. In A. Davis & S. Webb (Eds.), Metamorphosis: The effects of professional development on graduate students. Southland, TX: Fountainhead Press.

    Rogers, P.M., Zawacki, T. & Baker. S. (2016) Uncovering Challenges and Pedagogical Complications in Dissertation Writing and Supervisory Practices: Findings from a Multi-method Study of Doctoral Students and Advisers. In Simpson, S., Cox, M., Caplan, N., & Phillips, T. (Eds.) Supporting Graduate Student Writers: Research, Pedagogy, Program Design. Ann Arbor, MI: U of Michigan Press.

    Lucas, N. and Rogers, P. (2016) The Well Being University. In Harward, D. (Ed.) Well-Being and Higher Education: A Strategy for Change and the Realization of Education’s Greater Purposes.  Washington, D.C. Briding Theory to Practice.

    Rogers, P. & Lucas, N. (2016) The Time is Right to Prioritize Well-Being in Higher Education. Bridging Theory to Practice Newsletter. Winter. Bridging Theory to Practice Newsletter.  Washington, D.C.

    Rogers, P. (2014). Why Curricular Advances in Social Entrepreneurship Education Matter. Social Entrepreneurship Education Resource Handbook. Washington D.C.: AshokaU.

    Rogers, P.M., and Walling, O. (2011). Writing and knowledge making: Insights from an historical perspective. In Starke-Meyerring, D., Paré, A., Artemeva, N., Horne, M., & Yousoubova, L., (Eds.). Writing in knowledge societies. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press and WAC Clearinghouse. 259-273.

    Rogers, P.M. (2011). Evolving integration and differentiation in cognitive and socio-cultural-historical writing research. In V.W. Berninger (Ed.). Past, Present, and Future Contributions of Cognitive Writing Research to Cognitive Psychology. East Sussex, UK: Psychology Press. 585-590.

    Zawacki, T. and Rogers, P.M. (2011). A history of inquiry: The resilience of writing across the curriculum. In T. Zawacki, & P.M. Rogers (Eds.),Writing across the curriculum: A critical sourcebook. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s. 1-10.

    Rogers, P.M., Whitney, A., Bright, A. Cabe, R., Dewar, T & Null, S. (2011). Rejoining the learning circle: When inservice providers conduct research. English Education 43(2). 171-192.

    Rogers, P.M. (2010). The contributions of North American longitudinal studies of writing in higher education to our understanding of writing development. In C. Bazerman, R. Krut, K. Lunsford, S. McLeod, S. Null, P.M. Rogers and A. Stansell (Eds.), Traditions of Writing Research. Oxford, UK: Routledge. 365-377.

  • Amelia Rutledge

    Research Interests: medieval literature, science fiction, fantasy, literature and the arts, children's literature

    Selected Publications

    "'Justice Is Not Healing': J. R. R. Tolkien’s Pauline Constructs in ’Finwë and Míriel.'" Tolkien Studies 9.1 (2012): 59–74. 

    "The Flowers of Love, Death, and Redemption: Wagnerian Motifs in Oscar Wilde's 'The Fisherman and His Soul' and 'The Nightingale and the Rose.'" The Oscholars: An Electronic Journal for the Exchange of Information on Current Research, Publications and Productions concerning Oscar Wilde and His Worlds (2009). Special "Fairy Tales" issue.

    "Reconfiguring Nurture in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials." Children's Literature Association Quarterly 33.2 (2008): 119-34.

    "The Grunts' King Arthur: Civic Humanism, Masculinities, and Legend in the Novels of Jack Whyte and Bernard Cornwell." Medieval Paradigms: Essays in Honor of Jeremy duQuesnay Adams. Ed. Stephanie Hayes-Healy. 2 vols. New York: Palgrave, 2005. 2:239-50.

    "Robin McKinley's Deerskin: Challenging Narcissisms." Marvels and Tales 15.2 (2001): 168-82.

  • Kristin Samuelian

    Research Interests: British literature and culture of the long nineteenth century, nineteenth-century British novel, materialist approaches to literature.

    Selected Publications

    Royal Romances: Sex, Scandal, and Monarchy in Print, 1780-1821. Palgrave MacMillan, 2010.

    Emma, by Jane Austen.  Edited with an introduction, explanatory notes, and selected contemporary documents. Broadview Press, 2004.  A Broadview Literary Texts edition.

    "Dancing in Time and Place: Figuring Englishness in Romantic Periodicals." ELH 83:3 (Fall 2016).

    “Periodicals” (coauthored with Mark Schoenfield, Vanderbilt University).  Handbook to Romanticism Studies. Ed Joel Faflak and Julia M. Wright. Oxford: Blackwell Press, 2012. 

    “Managing Propriety for the Regency: Jane Austen Reads the Book.” Studies in Romanticism (Summer 2009).

    In progress: "The Moving Body and the English Romantic Imaginary." Routledge Studies in Romanticism, 2020 (expected).


  • Catherine E. Saunders

    Research Interests: 19th-century American literature, with particular focus on works by women and African-Americans; the novel; the antislavery movement; digital humanities; open educational resources; writing in and about the disciplines.

    Selected Publications

    “Louisa Jacobs and African American Women’s Mutual Support in the Post-Reconstruction Era.” Review of Mary Maillard, ed., Whispers of Cruel Wrongs: The Correspondence of Louisa Jacobs and Her Circle, 1879-1911, forthcoming in Resources for American Literary Study. 

    Poetic Representations of African-American Soldiers.”  Teaching the Literatures of the American Civil War, ed. Colleen Glenney Boggs.  New York: MLA, 2016. 

    “Emily Clemens Pearson.”  Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 29.2 (Summer 2012): 300-317 (profile and reprint of Pearson’s sketch “Old Delia”).

    “Lydia Maria Child.” Major Author Entry and Student Guide.  Encyclopedia of American Literature.  New York: Facts on File, 2007.

    “Mulatto.” Writing African American Women: An Encyclopedia of Literature by and About Women of Color, ed. Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu.  Westport:Greenwood Press, 2006.

  • Jessica Scarlata

    Research Interests: global and transnational cinema; incarceration and security; diaspora and migration; violence and human rights; colonialism; Indian, Irish, and Latin American film; race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality

    Selected Publications

    Rethinking Occupied Ireland: Gender and Incarceration in Contemporary Irish Film. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2014.

    “Outside/In: Performance and Belonging in Loins of Punjab Presents . . .South Asian Popular Culture, 11(1) :1-14 (2013).

    “Othello Nightmares: Time, Race, and Tragedy in Fred Wilson’s September Dream,” Art-in-Sight 28 (Fall 2005).

    “Carnivals and Goldfish: History and Crisis in The Butcher Boy.”  Literature and Film: A Reader. Ed. Robert Stam and Alessandra Raengo. Oxford: Blackwell Press, 2004, 233-251.

  • Susan R Shreve

    Research Interests: fiction

    Selected Publications


    You Are the Love of My Life, WW Norton 2012 

    A Student of Living Things, Viking  2006, reprint Penguin 2007

    Plum & Jaggers, Farrar, Straus and Giroux  2000,  reprint 2001 

    Glimmer by Annie Waters published in 1997

    The Visiting Physician, Nan A Talese/Doubleday  1996

    The Train Home, Nan A. Talese/Doubleday 1993

    Daughters of the New World, Nan A Talese/Doubleday 1992

    A Country of Strangers, Linden Press/Simon and Schuster 1989

    Queen of Hearts, Linden Press/Simon and Schuster 1987

    Dreaming of Heroes, William Morrow  1984

    Miracle Play, William Morrow  1981

    Children of Power, MacMillan 1979

    A Woman Like That, Atheneum 1977

    A Fortunate Madness, Houghton Mifflin 1974


    Children’s Books:

    Among my favorites children’s books: The  Flunking of Joshua T. Bate etcLucy Forever and Miss Rosetree Shrinks, Inc.  (Winner of the Edgar Mystery Award for children’s books)

    The Gift of the Girl Who Couldn’t Hear, Ghost Cats, Jonah, the Whale; Blister, Kiss Me Tomorrow and most recent The Lovely Shoes. 

  • Paula P Steele

    Research Interests: Writing,Teaching, and Learning

    Selected Publications

    Has anyone remarked on the misspelling of Publications in this section header? Just curious?

  • Peter Streckfus

    Research Interests: Poetry

    Selected Publications


    Errings. Fordham University Press (2014)

    The Cuckoo. Yale University Press (2004)


    "Prologos," Prodigal

    "from Flood Myth," Blackbox Manifold

    "Patrimony," "Heather Green," "Earth and Water," CURA

    "The Lake and the Skiff," The Volta

    "Time Ghazal." The New Republic

    "Bildungsroman." The New Republic

    "Purgatorio." The Academy of American Poets


    "The New Mixed Form: An Introduction." The Volta

    "On Czelsaw Milosz’s The Separate Notebooks." At Length

    "Three Questions." Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook

  • Art Taylor

    Research Interests: short stories; crime, mystery, and suspense fiction; book reviews.

    Selected Publications


    • On The Road with Del & Louise: A Novel in Stories, Henery Press, Fall 2015: winner, Agatha Award, Best First Novel, 2015; finalist, Anthony Award and Macavity Award, Best First Novel, 2016
    • Murder Under the Oaks: Bouchercon Anthology 2015 (editor), Down & Out Books, Fall 2015: winner, Anthony Award for Best Anthology or Collection, 2016



    • “A Close Shave,” Morning of the Killers, edited by E.A. Aymar and Sarah M. Chen(Down & Out Books,forthcoming)
    • “Hard Return,” Crime Travel, edited by Barb Goffman (Wildside Press, December 2019, forthcoming)
    • “Better Days,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, May/June 2019
    • “English 398: Fiction Writing Workshop: Notes from Class & A Partial Draft by Brittany Wallace, Plus Feedback, Conference & More,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, July/August 2018: finalist, Edgar Award for Best Short Story, 2019; finalist, Agatha Award for Best Short Story, 2018
    •  “Sunday Morning, Saturday Night,” Down & Out: The Magazine, Spring 2018
    • “Fairy Tales,” Black Cat Mystery Magazine, Fall 2017
    • “A Necessary Ingredient,” Coast to Coast: Private Eyes from Sea to Shining Sea, Down & Out Books, 2017: finalist, Agatha Award for Best Short Story, 2017; finalist, Anthony Award for Best Short Story, 2018; finalist, Macavity Award for Best Short Story, 2018
    • “The Great Detective Reflects,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, November 2016
    • “Parallel Play,” Chesapeake Crimes: Storm Warning, Wildside Press, 2016: winner, Agatha Award for Best Short Story, 2016; finalist, Anthony Award for Best Short Story, 2017; winner, Macavity Award for Best Short Story, 2017; finalist, Thriller Award for Best Short Story, 2017
    • “Commission,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, May 2015
    • “The Odds Are Against Us,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, November 2014: winner, Agatha Award, Best Short Story, 2014; winner, Anthony Award, Best Short Story, 2015; finalist, Macavity Award, Best Short Story, 2015
    • “Premonition,” Chesapeake Crimes: Homicidal Holidays. Wildside Press, 2014: finalist, Agatha Award, Best Short Story, 2014
    • “Precision,” Gargoyle, Summer 2014
    • “Ithaca 37,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, September/October 2013
    • “The Care and Feeding of Houseplants,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, March/April 2013: winner, Agatha Award, Best Short Story, 2013; winner, Macavity Award, Best Short Story, 2014; finalist, Anthony Award for Best Short Story, 2014
    • “When Duty Calls,” Chesapeake Crimes: This Job Is Murder, Wildside Press, 2012: Derringer Award, Best Long Story, 2013; finalist, 2012 Agatha Award for Best Short Story and 2013 Macavity Award for Best Short Story; reprinted in The Crooked Road, Volume 3 (2013)
  • Susan Tichy

    Research Interests: poetry; war poetry; visual poetry; mixed form (prose & poetry); poetry's intersections with walking art and land art;

    Selected Publications

    Tichy, Susan. Trafficke. Boise: Ahsahta Press, 2015.

    Tichy, Susan. Gallowglass. Boise: Ahsahta Press, 2010.

    Tichy, Susan. Bone Pagoda. Boise: Ahsahta Press, 2007.

    Tichy, Susan. A Smell of Burning Starts the Day. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 1988.

    Tichy, Susan. The Hands in Exile. New York: Random House, 1983.

  • steven h. weinberger

    Research Interests: phonetics, phonology, second language acquisition, speech accents, alien language

    Selected Publications

    Ioup, G., & Weinberger, S. (Eds.). (1987). Interlanguage Phonology. New York: Newbury House Publishers.

    Newmeyer, F., & Weinberger, S. (1988). The Ontogenesis of the Field of Second Language Learning Research. In S. Flynn & W. O’Neil (Eds.), In Linguistic Theory and Second Language Acquisition. Dordrecht: Reidel.

    Weinberger, S. (2012). What Causes Foreign Accents? In R. Rickerson & B. Hilton (Eds.), The 5-minute Linguist (2nd ed.). London: Equinox.

    Weinberger, S. (2014). The Speech Accent Archive. George Mason University.

    Weinberger, S., & Kunath, S. (2012a). Foreign Accent Identification. In M. Wrembel, K. Malgorzata, & K. Dziubalska-Kolaczyk (Eds.), Achievements and perspectives in the SLA of speech: New Sounds 2010 (Vol. 2). Frankfurt: Peter Lang.

    Weinberger, S., & Kunath, S. (2012b). The Speech Accent Archive: Towards a Typology of English Accents. In J. Newman, H. Baayen, & S. Rice (Eds.), Corpus-Based Studies in Language Use, Language Learning, and Language Documentation. New York: Rodopi.

  • Gregg Wilhelm

    Selected Publications

    Clash by Night, Gerry LaFemina and Gregg Wilhelm, eds. (CityLit Press, 2015) ANTHOLOGY

    “Leaning Into Purple Lines,” “Sakura,” “Thief River Scrap,” “Tight with Hemingway,” and “Coyotes at Dawn” Beltway Poetry Quarterly. Summer 2019. POETRY

    “Thief River Scrap” and “Jutting Out.” Gargoyle. No. 65. 40th Anniversary Edition 2017. POETRY

    “Ephebiphobia Rainfall.” Loch Raven Review. Vol. 1 2016. SHORT STORY

    “Jutting Out (Patapsco) and “Arithmetic of an Argument.” The Light Ekphrastic (Baltimore LED Project). Spring 2015. POETRY

    “Black Infiniti: A Used Car Proves the Vehicle For a Local Poet’s Legacy.” City Paper. 28 May 2008: 20.  NONFICTION

  • Courtney Adams Wooten

    Research Interests: Writing Program Administration, Feminist Rhetorics, Composition

    Selected Publications

    WPAs in Transition: Navigating Educational Leadership Positions.Courtney Adams Wooten, Jacob Babb, and Brian Ray, eds. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press, 2018.  

    “Beyond the Anecdote: Rhetorical Processes of TA Sensemaking.” Chapter accepted in Sensemaking in Writing Programs and Writing Centers. Ed. Rita Malenczyk.

    “The Pursuit of (Un)Happiness in Rhetoric and Composition TAs’ Experiences.” Chapter accepted in Not Nearly All in a Row: Liminality and Variation in the Composition and Rhetoric TAship. Ed. Bill Macauley. Utah State University Press.

    “Collegiality as Surveillance? Implementing Collegiality Statements in Institutions of Higher Education.” With Megan Condis. Academic Labor: Research and Artistry 2.1 (2018): 1-13. Available at

    “Control and Constraint: Margaret Thatcher and the Dynamics of Gendered Rhetoric During Prime Minister’s Questions.” Peitho 20.2 (Spring 2018): 337-362.

  • Alok Yadav

    Research Interests: Restoration and 18th-Century British literature; nationalism, imperialism, and literary culture; postcolonial and world literature, esp. South Asian

    Selected Publications

    "Picaresque Novel." The Encyclopedia of the Novel. Ed. Peter Melville Logan, et al. 2 vols. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.

    "Literature, Fictiveness, and Postcolonial Criticism." Novel 43.1 (2010): 189-96.

    Before the Empire of English: Literature, Provinciality, and Nationalism in Eighteenth-Century Britain. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.

    "Fractured Meanings: Hudibras and the Historicity of the Literary Text." ELH 62 (1995): 529-49.

    "Nationalism and Contemporaneity: Political Economy of a Discourse." Cultural Critique 26 (1993-94): 191-229.

  • Lijun Zhang

    Research Interests: Oral Narrative, Material Culture, Heritage (Tangible and Intangible), Museums, Ethnography, China, East Asia

    Selected Publications


    Zhang, Lijun and Ziying You, editors. 2019. Chinese Folklore Studies Today: Discourse and Practice. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. [in English] link

    MacDowell, Marsha and Lijun Zhang, editors. 2016. Quilts of Southwest China. Nanning: Guangxi People’s Press and Bloomington: Indiana University Press. [in English and Chinese] link

    Articles and Chapters

    Zhang, Lijun. 2019. “Institutional Practice of Heritage-making: The Transformation of Tulou from Residential Home to UNESCO World Heritage Site” in China Folklore Studies Today: Discourse and Practice. Lijun Zhang and Ziying You, eds. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.[in English]

    Zhang, Lijun and Ziying You. 2019. “Introduction: History and Trends of Chinese Folklore Studies” in China Folklore Studies Today: Discourse and Practice. Lijun Zhang and Ziying You, eds. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. [in English]

    Zhang, Lijun. 2018. “Presentation, Representation, and Museumification in Heritage Tourism: The Case of Hongkeng Hakka Earth Building Folk Cultural Village.” Museum Anthropology Review. 12 (1): 5-13. [in English]

    Zhang, Lijun. 2016. “Performing Locality and Identity: Rickshaw Driver’s Narratives and Tourism.” Cambridge Journal of China Studies. 11 (1): 88-103. [in English]