For Faculty

If You Know of a Student Seeking an Internship​

Please refer that student to:​

  • University Career Services for help developing an internship search strategy
  • Their department internship coordinator and academic advisor to learn more about options for receiving academic credit

If You Would like to Offer an Internship​

Several Mason faculty and departments do offer internship opportunities. If you feel you are able to offer such an opportunity, please: ​

  • discuss this with your department chair ​
  • contact your department internship coordinator, to discuss recruitment strategies and for-credit possibilities. ​
  • Consider connecting with University Career Services for more guidance about campus-wide recruitment strategies and the nature of supervision.​

There are three basic elements your opportunity should provide for it to be considered appropriate for an internship​:

  1. The internship is within the student's area of study or supports their specific career goals; and asks them to use the knowledge they've gained through their academic study.​
  2. The internship supervisor provides guidance, evaluation, and feedback to facilitate the learning process. ​
  3. The student engages in ongoing contemplation of learning objectives throughout the course of the internship.​

If you know of an opportunity​

While most of the internships in writing, editing, publishing, and related research completed by GMU students take place off campus under the supervision of non-GMU employers, a number of GMU faculty, departments, and publications do offer internship opportunities. While no single set of guidelines determines the appropriateness of an internship, the general rule is that student interns should 1) be called “interns,” 2) do substantial new learning and work in writing, editing, publishing, and/or related research, and 3) do such work under the direct, frequent supervision of a faculty or staff member.

If you feel you are able to offer such an opportunity, please contact your department chair first. After receiving departmental approval of the internship, you should next contact the English department internship coordinator, Scott W. Berg, at or 703/993-1635 to discuss recruitment strategies and for-credit possibilities. Prof. Berg can also offer advice on the proper level and nature of supervision needed to create a fulfilling and valuable internship opportunity.

Internship Resources from University Career Services

For students seeking an internship, University Career Services offers the following resources. 

Search for internships through Handshake

Make an appointment with University Career Services

Enroll in UNIV 320 Internship Readiness to help with your internship search

Apply for the Scholarship for Unpaid Internships through University Career Services if you can’t afford to take on an unpaid internship