For Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in programs in the Department of English at George Mason University. We invite all prospective students to learn about the vitality of the department, its faculty and students, and its programs by exploring the pages of the department website. Students interested in the MFA program are also encouraged to explore the Creative Writing website. This guide is for students interested in English MA concentrations or graduate certificates; students interested in the PhD in Linguistics or Writing and Rhetoric should review the information and requirements specific to those programs.

This page provides important information for all prospective students, but it is particularly relevant to graduate students. When you are ready to apply to a graduate program in English, the webpage How to Apply to a CHSS Graduate Program will guide you through the process.

To Request Information

To request more information or to register your interest in our degrees, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.  We strongly encourage you to do this so we can provide you with better service and keep you informed about upcoming events relevant to your program of interest.

Prospective English graduate student inquiries may be sent to