stvn h. weinberger

stvn h. weinberger

stvn h. weinberger

Emeritus Faculty

Linguistics: phonetics, phonology, second language acquisition, speech accents, alien language

Steven H. Weinberger is an Emeritus Professor of Linguistics in the Department of English at George Mason University. He earned his Ph.D. in Linguistics in 1988 from the University of Washington in Seattle, and has taught at George Mason since 1989. He rewired in 2022, after 34 years of teaching graduate and undergraduate level courses in phonetics, phonology, second language acquisition, and exceptional phonologies. His principle research deals with language sound systems, exceptional phonologies, adult second language learning, and foreign accents. He is co-editor of Interlanguage Phonology (1987). He is also the principal investigator and administrator of the Speech Accent Archive.

Selected Publications

Ioup, G., & Weinberger, S. (Eds.). (1987). Interlanguage Phonology. New York: Newbury House Publishers.

Newmeyer, F., & Weinberger, S. (1988). The Ontogenesis of the Field of Second Language Learning Research. In S. Flynn & W. O’Neil (Eds.), In Linguistic Theory and Second Language Acquisition. Dordrecht: Reidel.

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Weinberger, S., & Kunath, S. (2012). The Speech Accent Archive: Towards a Typology of English Accents. In J. Newman, H. Baayen, & S. Rice (Eds.), Corpus-Based Studies in Language Use, Language Learning, and Language Documentation. New York: Rodopi.

Weinberger, S. (2015). The Speech Accent Archive. George Mason University.

Weinberger, S. (2020). What Causes Foreign Accents? In C. Myrick and W. Wolfram (Eds.), The 5-minute Linguist (3rd ed.). London: Equinox.

Weinberger, S., Almalki, H., and Olesova, L. (2021). Teaching Teachers Phonetics.  In Farrell, P. (ed), Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America Vol. 6, No. 1.  Special Issue of the Organized Session on Scholarly Teaching in the Age of Covid-19 and Beyond)

Weinberger, S., (2022). On the Value of L2 Pronunciation Data for Linguistic Theory: The Story of /h/.  In V. Sardegna et al. (eds.), Theoretical and Practical Developments in English Speech Assessment, Research, and Training, Second Language Learning and Teaching. Springer

Courses Taught

LING 306 (general linguistics)

LING 523 (english phonetics)

LING 490/690 (generative phonology)

LING 582 (second language acquisition)

LING 692 (phonology II)

LING 890 (advanced phonology seminar: OT)

LING 480/580 (first language acquisition)


Dissertations Supervised

Omar Alkhonini, Underlying Representation and Acoustic Analyses of Two-Consonant Initial Clusters and Preceding Vowels in Najdi Arabic (2021)

Chiu-ching Tseng, An Investigation of Voice Onset Time and the Factors that Affect it in L1 and L2 Mandarin (2021)

Sahar Almohareb, The Effects of Rater-Specific Characteristics on the Rating of Foreign Accent (2020)

Ali S. Alelaiwi, Perception and Recoverability of Modified English L2 Codas (2020)

Hussain Almalki, The Production and Perception of Prosodic Prominence in Urban Najdi Arabic (2020)

Zhiyan Gao, Weighing Phonetic Patterns in Non-native English Speech (2019)

Abdullah Alfaifi, Syllabification Of Coda Consonant Clusters In Najdi And Hijazi Arabic (2019)

Aseel Alammar, The Obligatory Contour Principle in Second Language Acquisition (2018)

Baraa Rajab, Morphological Variability in Second Language Arabic (2017)

Kelly Enochson, Adaptation as Statistical Learning: An Individual Differences Study (2015)

Jill Waybright, An Optimality Theoretic Analysis of the Source and Patterns of Phonological Opacity in Developing Grammars (2014)