Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian Fitzpatrick

Associate Professor

Composition: Workplace writing, writing transfer, writing in the disciplines, online and hybrid pedagogy

Brian Fitzpatrick has been a part of the GMU English Department since 2010, where he has taught a range of writing classes, including ENGH 101 and ENGH 302. He earned his M.A. in Literature in 2010 and his M.F.A in Poetry in 2012. He has presented papers at CCCC, the Conference on Engaged Learning at Elon University, the Chesapeake American Studies Association Conference, and the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, among other conferences. He is the co-founder of the Archive of Workplace Writing Experiences ( and co-recipient of the Conference on College Composition and Communication's (CCCC) Emergent Researcher Award in 2018.

Selected Publications

McCaughey, Jessica, and Brian Fitzpatrick. (2020) "Hidden Arguments: Rhetoric and Persuasion in Diverse Forms of Technical Communication." EFFECTIVE TEACHING OF TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION. WAC Clearinghouse/Colorado State University Press TPC Foundations and Innovations book series.

Kuo, Ying‐Ying, and Brian J. Fitzpatrick. (2020) "Instructional Design Guidelines for Advancing Self‐Sustaining Online Higher Education in the USA." Performance Improvement Quarterly.

Fitzpatrick, B. J., & McCaughey, J. (2019). The Archive of Workplace Writing Experiences: Using the Voices of Real-World Writers as a Bridge Between the Classroom and the Conference Room. Double Helix, 7.


Grants and Fellowships


NCTE/CCCC Research Initiative Grant, 2021-22 with Courtney Wooten, Lourdes Fernandez, Kerry Folan, Ariel M. Goldenthal, and Sheri Rain

NCTE/CCCC Emergent Researcher Award, 2018 with Jessica McCaughey, GWU


BA Psychology, George Washington University, 2007

MA Literature, George Mason University, 2010

MFA Creative Writing (Poetry), George Mason University, 2012

Recent Presentations

  • Writing Stakes and Stakeholders: Insights from The Archive of Workplace Writing Experiences. Conference on Engaged Learning at Elon University in Elon, North Carolina. July 2021.
  • Panelist, “The Saddest Story that the Truth Will Allow”: Unexpected Persuasive Writing in
    Workplace Communication, Mid-Atlantic Conference on College Composition and Communication 2019, Norfolk, VA; co-panelist Jessica McCaughey (GWU).
  • Panelist, IMITATIVE WORKPLACE WRITING AS PERFORMANCE AND PRACTICE, Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), March 2019.