Sharon P. Doetsch-Kidder

Sharon P. Doetsch-Kidder

Sharon P. Doetsch-Kidder

Associate Professor

Composition: Social movements, race and ethnic studies, theories of genders and sexualities, pedagogy, mindfulness education, and the globalization of liberal arts education

Sharon Doetsch-Kidder teaches academic research and writing with INTO Mason and the Honors College and plans to lead a summer study abroad course on Japanese Arts and Well-being, when that becomes possible. As Assistant Program Coordinator for INTO Mason’s International Pathways Programs, she also contributes to faculty and curriculum development and co-leads mentoring programs for graduate students and INTO Mason faculty. She serves on the Faculty Senate’s Multilingual Students Academic Success Committee, INTO Mason's Antiracism and Inclusive Excellence Taskforce, and the National Women’s Studies Association’s Feminist Pedagogy Interest Group. She also facilitates mindfulness sessions for Mason’s Center for the Advancement of Well-being.

Doetsch-Kidder started teaching full-time at Mason in 2016, after teaching at several community colleges and at Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh. She completed her PhD in English and Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), and her BA and MA at Georgetown University. Her book, Social Change and Intersectional Activism: The Spirit of Social Movement, argues for the centrality of spirit to the work of antiracist feminist scholarship and social change.

Current Research

Intersectional Feminism, Activism, and Well-being

Digital Oral History Project: Intersectional Feminist Activism in DC

Meditation and Multilingual Writers: Can meditation improve reading, writing, and studentship in international students?

Selected Publications


Social Change and Intersectional Activism: The Spirit of Social Movement. Palgrave Macmillan: 2012.

Refereed Articles:

“Healing justice as intersectional feminist praxis.” Journal of International Women’s Studies (forthcoming 2023)

"Loving criticism: A spiritual philosophy of social change." Feminist Studies 38:2 (Summer 2012)

"My story is really not mine': An interview with Latina trans activist Ruby Bracamonte[s (Corado)]" Feminist Studies 37:2 (Summer 2011).

Other Publications:

Review of Intersectionality and Social Change by Lynne M. Woehrle, Ed. Mobilization: An International Quarterly 21:4 (December 2016).

“Feeding People in All Their Hungers: Spiritual Activism in Queer Chicana Feminist Writing.” NWSA Action 16:2 (Spring 2005).

“Working for Women’s Health in Catholic Higher Education and Working with Women’s Studies: Constraints and Benefits.” Connections: The National Association for Women in Catholic Higher Education 9:1 (2001).

Grants and Fellowships

Mason Global Education Office Course Development Grant, 2018

Mason Term Faculty Development Grant, 2016

Mason Evaluation and Assessment Grant for Language-supported Education &Transition, 2013

UCSB Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship, 2007

UCSB Humanities/Social Sciences Research Grant, 2006 and 2003

Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies, 2005

National Women’s Studies Association Graduate Scholarship in Lesbian Studies, 2004



Courses Taught

EAP 507/508: Graduate Communication Across the Disciplines (team taught course for international graduate students)

HNRS 110/302: Principles of Inquiry and Research

INYO 501: Introduction to Graduate Study I (for first semester international graduate students)

INYO 106: Research Methods (for first-year international students)

ENGH 100: Enhanced English Composition (team taught course for first-year international students)

ENGH 121-122: Enhanced English Composition I (year-long, team taught course for international students)

ENGH 302M: Advanced Composition (multidisciplinary course focused on writing in academic disciplines)

ENGH 302B: Advanced Composition (focused on writing in academic Business disciplines)


Doctor of Philosophy in English (Feminist Studies emphasis) 

University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California

Dissertation: “The Spirit of Social Change: Love, Faith, and Joy in Intersectional Activism”

Advisors: Leila Rupp and Shirley Geok-Lin Lim


School of Criticism and Theory. Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 2004

Seminar: Ritual, Play, and Performance.

Instructor: Richard Schechner


Master of Arts in English, with distinction 

Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Thesis: “Methods of Rule: Imperialism, Capitalism, and Patriarchy in Victorian Social Novels”

Special training: “The Early Modern Book” seminar at the Folger Institute

Advisor: Pamela A. Fox


Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies, magna cum laude (English minor) 

Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Thesis: “Writing Agency Through Victimization: Narrating Child Sexual Abuse in Bastard out of Carolina and Thereafter Johnnie

Advisors: Leona Fisher and Suzanna Danuta Walters

Recent Presentations

“Examining possibilities for feminist resistance in teaching academic research & communication to international students.” National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference, Virtual. November 2021.

“Engaging Students and Creating a Healthy Classroom Climate Online.” Brown Bag lunch series, INTO Mason. April 2021.          

"Origins of the Rainbow History Project.” Panelist. The Rainbow History Project. Online. December 2020.

"Teaching Paraphrasing Step by Step." Teachers Need Teachers, Mason Composition Program. Online. October 2020.

Panel on Mentoring. Co-facilitator. INTO Mason Professional Enrichment Day. Fairfax, Virginia. February 2020.

“Using mindfulness, core values, and discussion to develop critical and creative thinking." Innovations in Teaching and Learning. Fairfax, Virginia. September 2019.

“Sensitive Topics and Academic Freedom: Distilling the Issues at Stake." Facilitator. INTO Mason Professional Enrichment Day. Fairfax, Virginia. February 2019.

“Meditation supports critical thinking, focus, creativity, and stress management” Presentation and "Structuring reading and writing assignments to improve critical thinking skills” Co-facilitator. Innovations in Teaching and Learning. Fairfax, Virginia. September 2018.

“Refining the Pathway Observation Protocol” Co-facilitator and “Academic Freedom Working Group: Setting Goals” Co-facilitator. INTO Mason Professional Enrichment Day. Fairfax, Virginia. September 2018.

“Creating and Sustaining a Mentoring Culture." Co-facilitator. INTO Mason Faculty Conference. Fairfax, Virginia. May 2018.

Workshop on “Teaching Critical Thinking through Mindfulness and Core Values.” Old Dominion University 39th Annual Spring Conference on the Teaching of Writing. Norfolk, Virginia. March 2018.

“Why meditate?” Lunchtime talk and Table talk on Mentoring Co-facilitator. Professional Enrichment Day, INTO Mason. Fairfax, Virginia. February 2018.

Workshop on “Engaging Quiet Students.” Co-facilitator. Professional Enrichment Day. INTO Mason. Fairfax, Virginia. February 2017

“Reading and Writing for Complexity: Using key concepts and key terms to engage multilingual and other learners in scholarly conversations.” Panelist. Innovations in Teaching and Learning. Fairfax, Virginia. September 2016.