Hatim El-Hibri

Hatim El-Hibri

Hatim El-Hibri

Assistant Professor

Film and Media: global media and television studies, Middle East and Arab media studies, visual culture studies, urban studies, critical theory, media history and theory, religion and media, cultural studies

Hatim El-Hibri is an Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies. His research and teaching interests focus on global and transnational media and the visual culture of the Middle East, and particularly the historical entanglement of media technology and institutions with the production and contestation of urban space. He is currently working on a book tentatively titled 'Visions of Beirut: The Urban Life of Media Infrastructure.' Prior to joining George Mason, he taught at the American University of Beirut. 

Selected Publications

"Disagreement without Dissensus: The Contradictions of Hizbullah's Mediatized Populism" International Journal of Communication, Vol 11 (2017): 4239-4255.


“Media Studies, the Spatial Turn, and the Middle East.” Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. Vol 10, 1 (2017): 24-48.


“The Cultural Logic of Visibility in the Arab Uprisings.” International Journal of Communication, Vol 8 (2014): 835-852.


“Mapping Beirut: Toward a History of the Translation of Space from the French Mandate through the Civil War (1920-91).” The Arab World Geographer, Vol 12, Nos. 3-4 (2010): 119-135.

Courses Taught

Fall 2018

ENGH 371 Television Studies - The US and Global TV

ENGH 362 Global Voices - Film and Media of the Middle East

Spring 2018:

ENGH 372 Introduction to Film 

ENGH 308 Watching the Middle East: Spectacle, Spectatorship, Decolonization 

Fall 2017

ENGH 371 Television Studies - Love and Hate in Global Television 



Ph.D - Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University, 2012

MA - Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University, 2006

BA - Psychology, Rutgers University, 2002

Recent Presentations

"Mediation, Mediatization, and Historical Change in Arab Societies." AGYA Conference, Tunis (Nov 2017)

"Disagreement without Dissensus: The Contradictions of Hizbullah's Mediated Populism." International Communication Association (May 2017

“Media Studies in the Arab World.” Roundtable, Middle East Studies Association (Nov 2016)

“Hizballah and Media Theory: Two Reflections on Verticality.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies (Mar 2016)