College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Hyunyoung Cho

Hyunyoung Cho

Hyunyoung Cho

Assistant Professor

Early Modern British Literature and Culture; International Education and Student Mobility

Selected Publications

[Forthcoming] Rosenblum, K. E., D. W. Haines, and H. Cho. "Where Are We, When Are We, and Who Are We to Each Other? Connectedness and the Evolving Meanings of International Education." International Student Connectedness and Identity. Ed. Ly Thi Tran and Catherine Gomes. Singapore: Springer, 2017.

Cho, H., D. W. Haines, and K. E. Rosenblum, "Drifting Houses, Shifting Anchors: A Case of Transnational Higher Education in Korea." Global Perspectives and Local Challenges Surrounding International Student Mobility.   Ed. Krishna Bista and Charlotte Foster. Pennsylvania: IGI Global, 2016.

Cho, H., D. W. Haines, and K. E. Rosenblum, eds. Diversity at Mason: A New Kind of International. Fairfax, VA: A George Mason University Diversity Research Group Publication, 2015.


Courses Taught

ENGH 100 Composition for Nonnative Speakers of English

ENGH 101 Composition

ENGH 201 Reading and Writing about Texts: Fairy Tales in Transatlantic Literature and Culture, from Courtly Love Poems to Maleficent (Spring 2016)

ENGH 202 Texts and Contexts: The Rise of Modern Economy and Culture, from Utopia to Robinson Crusoe (Fall 2016)

ENGH 202  Texts and Contexts: Literature of Migration, from Pentateuch to Persepolis (Fall 2015)


Ph.D.  Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick

B.A.  Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea)