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Michael Malouf

Michael Malouf

Michael Malouf

Director of Graduate Programs

Associate Professor

Literature: Modernism;Anglophone novel and poetry, spec. Irish, Caribbean, British literature; postcolonialism and cultural studies

Michael Malouf received his Ph.D. from Columbia University and teaches courses on Anglophone literature with a special interest in the Modernist period as well as novels and poetry from Ireland, Britain, and the Caribbean. His research and teaching are informed by the historical approaches found in postcolonialism and cultural studies with a particular focus on questions of cross-cultural literary and material practices within a transnational conception of the literary field. His courses strive to examine historical and social questions such as modernity, migration, or the commodity through the lens of literary and cultural forms.

Professor Malouf is currently the Director of the Graduate English Program. If you have any questions about our MA, Certificate, and PhD programs, feel free to email him or consult Graduate English for more information.

Current Research

He is currently working on two projects: one on modernism and the sensibility of global English and another on petroculture and aesthetics.

Selected Publications

“Behind the Closet Door: Pixar and Petroliteracy.” For the book collection, Petrocultures: Oil, Energy, Culture. McGill-Queen’s University Press. Forthcoming 2015.

“Shaw in Context: Empire and Nationalism.” Literature in Context: George Bernard Shaw. Ed. Brad Kent. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming 2015.

“Problems with Paradigms: Irish Comparativism and Casanova’s World Republic of Letters." New Hibernia Review 17:1 (Spring 2013): 48-66.

"Dissimilation and Federation: Irish and Caribbean Modernisms in Walcott's The Sea at Dauphin." Comparative American Studies 8.2 (2010):

Transatlantic Solidarities: Irish Nationalism and Caribbean Poetics. Charlottesville: U of Virginia P, 2009.

"Transatlantic Fugue: Self and Solidarity in the Black and Green Atlantics." The Black and Green Atlantic. Ed. David Lloyd and Peter O'Neill. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. 149-64.


Expanded Publication List

"Duppy Poetics: Yeats, Memory, and Place in Lorna Goodison's 'Country, Sligoville.'" Ireland and Transatlantic Poetics: Essays in Honor of Denis Donoghue. Ed. Brian G. Caraher and Robert Mahoney. Newark: U of Delaware P, 2007. 191-204.

"Feeling Éire(y): On Irish-Caribbean Popular Culture." The Irish in Us: Irishness, Performativity and Popular Culture. Ed. Diane Negra. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 2006. 318-53.

"With Dev in America: Sinn Féin, Marcus Garvey and Recognition Politics." Interventions 1.4 (2002): 22-34.

Forging the Nation: James Joyce and the Celtic Tiger." Jouvert 4.1 (1999).

Courses Taught

ENGL 408: Modernism

ENGL 465: British Novel after 1900

ENGL 645: James Joyce's Ulysses

ENGL 439: Postcolonial Poetry

ENGL 439: Caribbean Literature

ENGL 360: Oil and Culture

ENGL 676: Introduction to Cultural Studies

ENGL 551: Literary Criticism and Theory

Dissertations Supervised

Marielle Barrow, Counter-Memory and Cultural Capital: The Arts as Sustainable Civic Practice in the Caribbean (2016)