Sheri Nicole Sorvillo Rain

Sheri Nicole Sorvillo Rain

Sheri Nicole Sorvillo Rain

Assistant Professor

horror studies; rhetorics of mental health conditions and distress; and writing, literature, and feminist pedagogies

Sheri Rain has been a part of the GMU English Department from 2006-2012 and 2014-present. Her roles have ranged from teaching assistant, adjunct professor, and term assistant professor. Since 2017, she has been a full-time faculty member. She has taught a range of writing and literature courses, including English 202 with themes focused on horror studies as well as English 302 with a special interest in advanced composition courses for social sciences and multidisciplinary studies. 

She holds an MFA degree in Creative Writing and is currently working on a PhD in Writing and Rhetoric.

Her research interests include horror studies; rhetorics of mental health conditions and distress; and writing, literature, and feminist pedagogies.

She has presented papers at the Film and History Conference, the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA/IAFA), the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE), the Chesapeake American Studies Association Conference, among others. She also is a part of research group whose current project is Student Perceptions of Learning Experiences in Hybrid Writing Courses which has reported on its grant-funded project at the last few College Composition and Communication Conferences (CCCC).

Besides her role at Mason, she has worked in various associations, non-profits, and schools in production, management, and teaching.

Grants and Fellowships

NCTE/CCCC Research Initiative Grant, with Courtney Wooten, Brian Fitzpatrick, Ariel M. Goldenthal, Kerry Folan (& previously with Lourdes Fernandez)

Courses Taught

Current courses include sections in advanced composition and literature, in rotation, such as:

ENGH 302 S, N, B, H, & M: Advanced Composition-Social Sciences; Natural Science & Technology; Business; Humanities; & Multidisciplinary

ENGH 202s: Women in Horror; Disability in Horror Films; Early Science Fiction and Horror

Previously taught ENGH 101: Introduction to Composition; ENGH 201: Reading and Writing about Texts; ENGH 201: Women Writing Horror and the Horrific

At other institutions:
College Composition II, Early American Literature, and Mythology



BA, English, University of Florida (minor: Secondary English Education) 

MFA, Creative Writing (poetry), George Mason University

PhD, Writing and Rhetoric, George Mason University (in progress)