Sheri Nicole Sorvillo

Sheri Nicole Sorvillo

Sheri Nicole Sorvillo

Assistant Professor

rhetorics of horror, mental distress, and mental health conditions; rhetorics of disability; writing, literature and feminist pedagogies

Courses Taught

ENGH 101: Introduction to Composition
ENGH 201: Reading and Writing about Texts
ENGH 201: Women Writing Horror and the Horrific
ENGH 202: Early Science Fiction and Horror
ENGH 202: Women in Horror
ENGH 302B: Advanced Composition-Business 
ENGH 302H: Advanced Composition-Humanities
ENGH 302M: Advanced Composition-Multidisciplinary
ENGH 302N: Advanced Composition-Natural Science and Technology

At other institutions:
College Composition II
Early American Literature



BA, English, University of Florida
(minor: Secondary Education) 

MFA, Creative Writing-poetry, George Mason University

PhD, Writing and Rhetoric, George Mason University (in progress)