Jacqueline M. Burek

Jacqueline M. Burek

Jacqueline M. Burek

Assistant Professor

Literature: Medieval literature; medieval historiography; translation; rhetoric; classical reception; Welsh and Celtic Studies

My research focuses on medieval historiography, particularly the ways in which medieval authors conceptualize and write about 'the past.' I work primarily on English, Latin, and Welsh historiography, from Bede to the Middle English Prose Brut. My current book project explores the relationship between political history and formal variety in post-Conquest Britain. I argue that medieval historians represent the fragmentation of the insular past in literary form, and I trace the development of literary varietas from twelfth-century Latin prose histories to fourteenth-century Middle English verse chroniclers.


I am also interested in classical reception, especially in the works of medieval historians. I recently completed an essay on the De vetula, a thirteenth-century forgery purporting to be the work of the Roman poet Ovid.

Grants and Fellowships

Center for Humanities Research Fellow, George Mason University (2021-2022)

Fenwick Fellow, George Mason University (2018-2019)

Graduate Research Fellow, Wolf Humanities Center, University of Pennsylvania (2016-2017)

Fulbright-Aberystwyth University Award, US-UK Fulbright Commission (2014-2015)

Courses Taught

ENGH 203: Survey of Western Literary Traditions, I

ENGH 305: Dimensions of Writing and Literature

ENGH 309: Epic

ENGH 320: Literature of the Middle Ages

ENGH 400: Literature of the Plague

ENGH 421: Memory and Identity in the Middle Ages

ENGH 422: Chaucer

HNRS 240: The History of Memory


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, English (2017)

B.A. (summa cum laude), Cornell University, Medieval Studies and Latin (2010)