DT Thomas Schatten

DT Thomas Schatten

DT Thomas Schatten

Graduate Professional Assistant

Creative Writing

Daniel Thomas (or DT) Schatten is a Personal Statements Specialist at the Office of Fellowships in George Mason University. They specialize in assisting students, both undergraduate and graduate, in writing their applications for fellowships and scholarships, including the Boren Fellowship, the Critical Language Scholarship, and the P.D. Soros Fellowship. They can be reached at dschatte@gmu.edu, or through the Office of Fellowships.

Selected Publications

Uppagus, "The Colour in Your Space," 2019 - https://uppagus.com/flash-fiction/schatten-colour/

Courses Taught

UNIV 490


University of Pittsburgh, 2014-2018 - double major in English Literature and Fiction Writing

Duquesne University, 2019 - Paralegal Certification