Haley A Todd

Haley A Todd

Haley A Todd

Graduate Professional Assistant

Linguistics: Phonology; Linguistic Typology; Second Language Acquisition

Haley Todd is a Doctoral Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at George Mason University. In 2017, Haley earned a B.A. in Modern Languages (Spanish and French) from the University of North Georgia. In 2019, she earned an M.A. from Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca in Spanish Language and Culture. Haley's research interests include phonological typology and language acquisition. She is also a polyglot and enjoys learning additional languages in her spare time. 

Courses Taught

Fall 2021: LING 306-305 (General Linguistics Recitation) and LING 307-001 (English Grammar)

Spring 2021: LING 306-301 (General Linguistics Recitation)

Fall 2020: LING 306-306 (General Linguistics Recitation)




George Mason University, PhD Candidate

Theoretical Linguistics

Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, M.A.

Spanish Language

University of North Georgia, B.A.

Modern Languages (Spanish and French), International Affairs

Recent Presentations

Master's Thesis “La implementación de un curso fonético en la clase de E.L.E.” Salamanca, Spain. July 2019.