Janalyn A. Miklas

Janalyn A. Miklas

Janalyn A. Miklas

Graduate Research Assistant

Linguistics: Phonetics, Phonology, Second Language Acquisition

Janalyn Miklas is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Linguistics. She is a graduate teaching assistant for linguistic courses. She has taught English to speakers of other languages in South Korea and Thailand. She is also an accomplished musician. 

Courses Taught

LING 306- Introduction to Linguistics

LING 521- Applied Linguistics, TESOL Pedagogy


2022 - M.A. English with a concentration in Linguistics, George Mason University 

2020 - B.A. (summa cum laude) Interdisciplinary Studies: TESL and Global Studies, Linguistics, Liberty University

Recent Presentations

Fostering Multilingual Writers’ Identities                                                                        

  • Co-presented by Dr. Idée Edalatishams, Janalyn Miklas, & Kendall Bryant
  • Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association conference, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, April 2022
  • Title: Fostering Multilingual Writers’ Identity in the Writing Center: A Study of the ESL Opt-In Program
  • The presentation focused on the themes found in our qualitative analysis: multilingual identity as an individual, scholar, and writer, negotiating identity between L1 and English, and the impact identity and the ESOL Opt-in program. Further, we discussed implications on writing center pedagogy.                                                                       

Oral Language Development in an Isolating Digital World                                           

  • Co-Presented by Janalyn Miklas & Mai Nguyen
  • International Virtual Conference on Language and Literature Empowering the Future of ELT (IVICOLL), Hosted by the Language Center of State Polytechnic of Malang, Indonesia, September 2020
  • The presentation focused on addressing the lack of oral language development in current online EFL learning programs and presenting a workshop, developed by the presenters, which elucidates the oral language development possibilities in digital EFL programs.