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Literature Concentration

The MA in English concentration in literature appeals to those who wish to continue to expand their knowledge of literature, film, folklore, and other cultural texts. This is for students who are interested in an intrinsically rewarding pursuit or want to teach English at the high school or community college level. Because the concentration is designed to acquaint students with the widest range of literary and cultural texts, it is an optimal stepping stone toward a doctorate in the study of English, cultural studies, film, or folklore, and, hence, toward a potential career in teaching at the four-year college and university level.

The University Catalog is the authoritative source for information on program requirements and courses. The Schedule of Classes is the authoritative source for information on classes scheduled for this semester. See the Schedule for the most up-to-date information and see Patriot web to register for classes. Requirements may be different for earlier catalog years. See the University Catalog archives.

Students in this concentration must complete the foreign language proficiency required of all students pursuing the MA in English and the requirements below.

Students pursuing this degree must successfully complete 30 to 33 credits in one of the following concentrations and demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language. 

Foreign Language Proficiency

Students in all concentrations must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language by completing a Mason foreign language course numbered 210 or higher, or by passing a translation test administered by the department.

◊ Concentration in Literature (LIT)

Two required courses (6 credits)

Must be taken in the first 12 credits of the degree. Another course in literary theory and criticism may substitute for ENGH 551 with prior written approval of the graduate director.

ENGH 551 - Introduction to Literary Theory Credits: 3

ENGH 701 - Research in English Studies Credits: 3

Six courses (18 credits) of literature chosen from:

Courses fulfilling this requirement must include at least three 600-level ENGH seminars. Graduate seminars involve focused study of a topic with significant attention to scholarship in the field.

ENGH 511 - Graduate Literature Survey Credits: 3

ENGH 513 - Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies Credits: 3

ENGH 514 - Theories of Comparative Literature Credits: 3

ENGH 526 - Special Topics in the History and Criticism of Children's Literature Credits: 3

ENGH 530 - Graduate Survey in African American Literature Credits: 3

ENGH 555 - Introduction to Cinema Studies Credits: 3

ENGH 590 - Topics in Folk Narrative Credits: 3

ENGH 591 - Topics in Folklore Studies Credits: 3

ENGH 642 - Seminar in British Literature Credits: 3

ENGH 644 - Seminar in American Literature Credits: 3

ENGH 646 - Seminar in Advanced Research Credits: 3

ENGH 661 - Seminar in African-American Literature Credits: 3

ENGH 662 - Seminar in Literary Studies Credits: 3

ENGH 665 - Seminar in Global Culture Credits: 3

ENGH 670 - Seminar in Film and Media Studies Credits: 3

ENGH 681 - Advanced Topics in Folklore Studies Credits: 3

ENGH 685 - Selected Topics, Movements, or Genres of Literature in English Credits: 3

ENGH 705 - Literary Theory and Criticism Credits: 3

ENGH 790 - Projects in Literary Studies Credits: 3

Two elective courses or thesis (6 credits)

Elective courses taught within the English department may be taken without permission of the graduate director. A maximum of six credits of related study outside the department may substitute for the equivalent number of elective credits, with permission of the graduate director.

Optional Thesis (6 credits)

Students who choose a thesis take 6 fewer credits of literature or electives.

ENGH 799 - Thesis Credits: 1-6

Total: 30 credits

Total: 30-33 credits

Most students complete 30 credits. Students in the concentration in the teaching of writing and literature who chose to do a thesis complete 33 credits.

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