College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Student Awards 2011-2012

Graduate Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

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  • Josh Ambrose, MFA Nonfiction
  • Christine Bobal, MA Linguistics
  • Alison Grace, MA Teaching of Writing and Literature
  • Elizabeth Gutting, MFA Fiction
  • Alyse Knorr, MFA Poetry
  • Ben Lucas, MA Professional Writing and Rhetoric
  • Marissa Mack, MFA Poetry
  • John Mahan, MA Literature
  • Leslie Maxwell, MFA Nonfiction
  • Sarah Silberman, MFA Fiction

Sven Eric Molin Award

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The Sven Eric Molin Prize provides $1250 in funds toward the education of a continuing graduate student in English of exceptional merit. 

  • Erin Farquhar

Robert Karlson Prize

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The Robert Karlson prize provides $1250 to the year's outstanding graduate student in the English Department's MA programs.

  • Christine Bobal

Cynthia Wynn Herman Scholarship

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The Cynthia Wynn Herman Scholarship honors a returning female student, over the age of 25, who has interests in English and Woman's Studies. 

  • Lisa Cotts

Undergraduate Awards

James L. Jackson Prize

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The James L. Jackson Prize provides $1,000 in funds to support the education at George Mason of a continuing undergraduate major in English of exceptional merit.

  • Kyleigh Purks

Aileen Walls Prize

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The Aileen Walls Prize provides $500 to an outstanding graduating English major.

  • Tiffany Kajer-Wright

Dr. Barry Berkey Personal Essay Award

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The Dr. Barry Berkey Personal Essay Award recognizes an outstanding non-fiction personal essay written by a junior or senior undergraduate English major.

  • Anila Gill

Honors in the Major

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  • Katie Bredholt
  • Alex Coren
  • Sarah Hickling
  • Paul Kelley
  • Lauren Lauzon
  • Bruce Long
  • Samantha Markey
  • Caitlin McKenzie
  • Chris Petrus
  • Adam Sylvain
  • Jonathan Vela
  • Lauren Walker
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