MFA Alums Earn Raves from New York Times

The New York Times has recently offered stunned reviews of new books by two MFA grads: Jessica Anthony, MFA ’04, and Kelli Jo Ford, MFA ’07.

Enter the AardvarkAnthony's new book, Enter the Aardvark, was reviewed as part of a feature titled "Can Political Satire Outpace Reality? 3 Books Toss Their Hats in the Ring." On Enter the Aardvark, the reviewer wrote: "The novel is at times elaborate, but in the Rube Goldberg sense; it asks (and answers) simple questions with boundless energy and innovation." Read the full review here.

Crooked HallelujahOn Ford's debut book, the novel in stories Crooked Hallelujah, the Times wrote: "As a writer, Ford is quietist. Her book reads like a series of acoustic songs recorded on a single microphone in a bare room with a carpet. There are times when you might wish for more boldness, but she never puts a wrong foot. This is a writer who carefully husbands her resources. Small scenes begin to glitter." Read that review here: "Cherokee Women Aim for a Better Life in Crooked Hallelujah."