November is National Novel Writing Month, and the English department wants to offer special recognition to our students, staff, and faculty who successfully complete the NaNoWriMo challenge.

The concept is simple: Sign up as a NanoWriMo author, and start writing a novel November 1st. You have until November 30 to complete the 50,000 word/175 page minimum.  Everyday people from around the world will try to bash out a novel in a month.  No judges, no entry fees, no pressure.  Just a walloping deadline and a supportive, overcaffeinated commuminity to help you reach your book writing goals.

Interested in participating? Please let us know by emailing Debra Lattanzi Shutika at dshutika AT gmu DOT edu.   The English department wants to support your hard work and your accomplishment with lavish celebrations for all GMU participants and (modest) prizes for those who meet the 50,000 word goal (details TBA). 

Mason's "write-in" schedule--Bring your laptops, notepads, manual typewriters, and enthusiasm.

Mason NaNoWriMo is sponsored by the English Department and University Life