"Bill Nighy Returns to Television in Worricker," review by FAVS student and PopMatters intern Chloe Sanders

Woman and man looking sternWith a slide of the frame that is just as smooth as he is, Johnny Worricker (Bill Nighy) enters two new installments of the critically acclaimed series, Worricker. Premiering on PBS three years after the first episode, Page Eight, each of these well-structured plots could stand on its own, but they both benefit too from the familiarity we have with the former MI5 spy.

Streaming now on PBS’ Masterpiece websiteTurks & Caicos and Salting the Battlefield locate Worricker in the midst of political corruptions revolving around the Prime Minister (Ralph Fiennes), dirty business practices, not to mention Worricker’s own recent disgrace and his current efforts to avoid authorities in either of those arenas. While Worricker‘s espionage and much respected cast are plainly appealing, viewers may find themselves more intrigued by this particular spy’s intelligent handling of perplexing situations and people who are not what they seem. 

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