'Sunset Edge' review by PopMatters Intern and English Honors Major Mary Clare Durel

'Sunset Edge' Presents a New Kind of Ghost Town

Sunset Edge begins with chimes, a humming voice, and the image of blinding sun behind Dora May Moon (Liliane Gillenwater). Her body is motionless, her long nightgown is white, her thin silver hair flows like a river. She straightens, her head eclipses the sun, and a halo encircles her death mask-like face. With this apparition, we are spirited into an unsettling yet captivating world of myths and ghosts.

Set in and around an empty American trailer park, Sunset Edge — a thriller now available on YouTube and Vudu — focuses on four teenagers.For a day, they lounge on asphalt and record themselves with a video camera. They’re comfortable and unsuspecting, and their story seems simple. While Blaine (Blaine Edward Pugh) and Jacob (Jacob Kristian Ingle) root through old housewares and toys, Haley (Haley Ann McKnight) and Will (William Dickerson) take some time alone to nurture their budding romance. They all drowse off and, by the time they wake up, there’s a stranger among them.

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