Dan Rudy Fiction Prize English

The Dan Rudy Fiction Prize was established by the family and friends of Dan Rudy (1947-1983), fiction writer and George Mason University M.F.A. candidate. The prize is given for a single short story of 20 double-spaced pages or less. The competition is open to any currently enrolled George Mason student*, graduate or undergraduate; students are limited to one submission.

2021 Awardees

Kyra Kondis

Kyra Kondis

2020 Awardees

Lauren Davila

2018 Awardees

Carol Mitchell

Ellen Weeren

2017 Awardees

Stephanie Ahrin

John Guthrie

Robbie Maakestad

2016 Awardees

Sam Ashworth

2015 Awardees

Megan Sipos

2014 Awardees

Todd Covalcine

2013 Awardees

Jay Ivey

2011 Awardees

Jay Ivey

2010 Awardees

Kirsten Clodfelter

Nicole Lee