Mark Craver Poetry Award English

The Mark Craver Poetry Award was created in honor of Mark Craver, an MA and MFA alum as well as a popular Mason adjunct professor and area high school teacher until his death in January 2004. Mark was the author of several books of poems, including The Problem of Grace, Seven Crowns for the White Lady of the Other World, Blood Poems, and They Come for What You Love. His last book, Say When, was published posthumously.

2021 Awardees

Simonne Francis

Simonne Francis

2020 Awardees

Lauren Davila

2018 Awardees

Tim Barzditis

Janice Majewski

Susan Woodruff

2017 Awardees

Ela Thompson

2016 Awardees

Jesse Capobianco

Sarah McDonald

Alayna Nagurny

Katie Richards

Melanie Tague

2014 Awardees

Frank Harder

Ryan Meyer

2011 Awardees

Kathy Goodkin

Jack Snyder

2010 Awardees

Aubrey Lenahan