Joseph A. Lohman III Poetry Prize English

The Joseph Lohman Poetry Prize was established by Judith Lelchook through the Academy of American Poets in New York. Ms. Lelchook is the widow of Joseph Lohman (d.2000), who had studied poetry with poet and George Mason University faculty member Carolyn Forche. The prize is given for a single poem, no more than 60 lines in length, on any subject.

2021 Awardees

Faith Reale

Faith Reale

2020 Awardees

Eli Vandegrift

2018 Awardees

Andrew Art

2017 Awardees

Emma Bleker

Emily Green

Claudia Rojas

Elizabeth Vana

2016 Awardees

Jesse Capobianco

Emily Green

2015 Awardees

Phebe Ciemny

Julia Douglas

2014 Awardees

Sabera Akhter

Alyssa Dandrea

2011 Awardees

Kathy Goodkin

Siwar Masannat

2010 Awardees

Jennifer Daniels