Robert Karlson Award English

The Robert Karlson Prize honors Robert Karlson, an early member of the GMU English Department whose service spanned four decades, was an expert in the fields of American literature and, especially, spirituality and literature. His courses on altered states of consciousness, which combined meditative techniques with the close reading of mystical texts, were an inspiration to many students. A voracious reader who loved to converse about literature, religion and politics, Professor Karlson made the life of the mind both serious and fun.  Generously sponsored by the same anonymous donor--a former George Mason English Department student--who also sponsors the Jackson, Molin and Walls awards, the Robert Karlson prize provides $1250 to the year's outstanding graduate student in the English Department's MA programs.

2021 Awardees

Kimberlyn Pepe

Kimberlyn Pepe

2020 Awardees

Shannon Pennell

2019 Awardees

Luana Shafer

2018 Awardees

Ashlee Payne

2017 Awardees

Marissa Carmi

2016 Awardees

Psyche Ready

2015 Awardees

Paul Michiels

2014 Awardees

Aseel Alammar

2013 Awardees

Danielle DeArment-Donohue

2012 Awardees

Christine Bobal

2011 Awardees

Lindsey Fiesthumel

2010 Awardees

Alissa S. Bourbonnais