DC Metro Job Growth

What are the jobs of the future in the DC metro area?  From what you read and hear, you might think that they are in the STEM fields.  And it is true that some STEM occupations are growing at a fast rate. However, STEM occupations occupy a relatively small portion of the entire job market, so high growth rates do not necessarily translate into the most jobs. 

Data from the Washington DC Department of Employment Services show that, by far, the new and replacement positions for jobs requiring at least a bachelor's degree will be in the non-STEM occupations.  Because of the size of this occupational category, even where job growth is slower, the number of new and replacement positions forecast in the period from 2012-2022 is considerably larger than in the STEM category.  Perhaps that is one reason nearly 75% of STEM majors will end up in non-STEM occupations.

Bottom line: there are good jobs out there for students in a wide range of majors.