English Alumni Society

What is the English Alumni Society?

The English Alumni Society was created to unite alumni, celebrate the diverse and exciting careers of our alumni, and provide our alumni the opportunity to participate in events here at Mason.

Join the Alumni Society

We’re always happy to welcome new members! Any graduate of the English department at George Mason is invited.  

The English Alumni Society Needs Your Help!

The English department is working to assess the ongoing needs of alumni in an effort to foster robust programs—such as readings and workshops, networking meetings and career events, and alumni-student mentoring—that are tailored to your preferences.

To create the best programs possible, alumni of any English department program are invited to complete the very brief outreach questionnaire, linked below. The questionnaire asks about the types of events and activities you would like the English department to offer. The entire questionnaire will take less than five minutes to complete, and your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much to everyone who already responded to the questionnaire sent out earlier this year.

You’re also invited to join the English Alumni Society (EAS) by providing your e-mail address when prompted at the end of the questionnaire. By joining the EAS, you will have the opportunity to participate in future English department programs and connect to fellow English department alumni. All graduates of English department programs are welcome to join.



Thank you for your assistance with our outreach efforts, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.