2019 Student AwardsEnglish

Graduate Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

  • Katie Branca
  • Nick DeMott
  • Kyle Francois
  • Madeline Graham
  • Angela Nichols
  • Alexandria Petrassi
  • Brad Radovich¬†
  • Katie Redmiles
  • Dave Stroup
  • Mounna Tamek
  • Ellen Weeren
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Sven Eric Molin Award

The Sven Eric Molin Prize provides an award in funds toward the education of a continuing graduate student in English of exceptional merit. 

  • Shannon Pennell
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Cynthia Wynn Herman Scholarship

The Cynthia Wynn Herman Scholarship honors a student over the age of 25, who has interests in English and Woman's Studies. 

  • Deborah Van Trees
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Robert Karlson Award

The Robert Karlson prize provides a monetary award to the year's outstanding graduate student in the English Department's MA programs.

  • Luana Shafer
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