We are proud to have several options available to you for advising during your academic career here at Mason.  First, your faculty advisor, assigned to you in your letter of admission to your program of study, is available to meet with you in person and talk with you over email. Second, the graduate student relations coordinator is available in person, over email, and on the phone to answer questions, give advice, and process paperwork.  

Again, your success in and beyond your program of study is our focus.  Our advising options are set up to help guide you through your program of study with the level of support you need.  It is not necessary to use all three levels of support, but it is recommended that you stay in touch with your faculty advisor in person or via the advising wiki and that you remain in close contact with the student relations coordinator as you make your way through your program of study.  Staying in touch with the department and reading A Weekly Update are the best ways to understand your program of study and what is expected of you from day to day, semester to semester.