College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Teaching Assistantships


We have two dedicated MA in English teaching assistantships available to current students. These assistantships are not available to incoming or prospective students. If you are interested in a teaching assistantship, you are welcome to contact the student relations coordinator to express your interest. You can also access the teaching assistantship application here.

When one or both teaching assistanships become available, we send out a call for TA applications for the graduate student listserv. A deadline is included in that call for applications. If you are eligible, you can complete and submit an application to be considered for the position. From the pool of applicants, students are invited for interviews with the graduate director and the director of the composition program. Interviews last anywhere from 40 minutes to one hour. From the pool of interviewees, a candidate or candidates are selected and offered positions. Should a candidate accept a teaching assistantship, it is hers/his for two academic years or until the completion of the candidate's program of study. 

Teaching assistants (TAs) receive a stipend of $10,000-$11,000 and tuition waiver (at an in-state rate). TAs tutor in university writing center in their first year and teach composition in their second year. TAs also take pedagogy coursework (ENGH 610 & ENGH 615) during their assistantships or, in some cases, in preparation for their assistantships. 

We also have wages positions available to MA in English students. These wages positions function similarly to research assistants in that they work with and develop research in partnership with a faculty member in the English department. These positions are advertised as they become available via the graduate student listserv.

Finally, we offer an opportunity for MA in English students to apply for a half-time assistantship that works with one of the Folklore Studies faculty. This position is also advertised when it becomes available via the graduate student listserv.

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