BA in English

Cerissa Hontiveros, 2007

Cerissa Hontiveros

Tell us about your career.

After graduating from GMU, I worked as a Marketing Web and Communications Specialist for a small company in Fairfax that provides training and consulting to Native American tribes and tribal organizations. While I did some article/blog/brochure writing for this company, it was not my focus. Two years ago, I accepted a Technical Writer position at a Medicare-based reimbursement solutions company in Alexandria. In my spare time, I work as a freelance photographer (to feed my creative self).

What do you like about your job?

I like that while my job is technical and less creative, it is still a puzzle when I decide how to convey information.

What was your concentration in the English Department at Mason?

I was an English major in the honors program, with a Creative Writing concentration; Psychology minor

How has something you learned in the Mason English Department helped you in your career?

My English major classes (particularly during my senior year) taught me how immensely careful I need to be with my words (word choice, amount, timing of use) to produce clear work. The classes also taught me that seemingly painful challenges in school and in the workplace are the ones that have the most positive influences on my mindset.