BA in English

Shannon Toole

Shannon Toole, 2014

Thriving in work and school

In her work and her experience as a law student, Shannon Toole values the attention to detail, skills in writing and analysis, and ability to see multiple perspectives that she developed as a major in English.

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Samantha Bookwalter

Samantha Bookwalter, 2011

Creativity and coding

Samantha Bookwalter uses her writing skills along with coding skills to design Web-ready communications for her employer.

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Melissa Burket

Melissa Burket, 2008

Optimizing information technology operations for federal clients

Melissa Burket works with IT developers and federal executives, ensuring that her federal agency clients optimize their IT operations.

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Cerissa Hontiveros

Cerissa Hontiveros, 2007

Crafting words and taking pictures

Cerissa Hontiveros works as a technical writer and runs a freelance photography business in her spare time.

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Eric D. Chapman

Eric D. Chapman, 2006

Reading the law like an English major

Eric D. Chapman brings to his legal career the skills of reading for detail, identifying underlying assumptions, and imagining alternatives points of view that he developed in the English major.

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Julie Weber

Julie Weber, 2006

Bringing business to Washington, D.C.

As Director of Marketing and Communication for the Washington, D.C., Economic Partnership, Julie Weber uses her writing skills and creativity to market District of Columbia business.

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Susan Allen

Susan Allen, 2005

A voice for her community

Susan Allen writes about the arts and people of her community for a regional newspaper in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Arthur Pitts

Arthur Pitts, 2004

From English major to public defender

Arthur Pitts uses the analytical skills and understanding of audience he learned studying English in his legal work.

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Timoni West

Timoni West, 2004

A tech savvy web designer

Timoni West uses combines writing, web and design skills in her work for new economy companies such as Flickr and Scribd.

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Christopher Perkowski

Christopher Perkowski, 1999

Finding an odd kind of poetry in legal writing

Christopher Perkowski earned a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing at George Mason. Then he went on to become a lawyer.

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Lewis E. Forrest, II

Lewis E. Forrest, II, 1995

A career in higher education

As George Mason's Associate Dean for University Life, Lewis E. Forrest, II helps students make the most of their time at college.

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Scott Alan Smith

Scott Alan Smith, 1986

Actor, director and playwright

You may have seen George Mason English alumnus Scott Alan Smith in television shows such as Rosewood. When he's not acting himself, he's teaching acting and directing at Pepperdine University.

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Elissa Matulis Myers

Elissa Matulis Myers, 1972

Understanding the big picture through focused attention

Elissa Matulis Myers works in the world of professional associations, advocating for their missions and understanding how they work together.

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