MA in English

Christine Condo

Christine Condo, 2023

MA in English

Using grounded theory and rhetorical analysis, Christine surfaces themes in how those with autism work to assert authority across a wide range of public spaces. She's a vocal advocate for improved attention to neurodiversity as a key issue of access and social justice. Christine also published pieces related to this work, including “You don’t look autistic: The reality of high-functioning autism,” in The Washington Post in 2020.

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Jamie Gergen

Jamie Gergen, 2021

Literature concentration in the MA in English

Jamie is a terrific student who carries a 4.0 GPA.

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Eric D. Chapman

Eric D. Chapman, 2010

Reading the law like an English major

Eric D. Chapman brings to his legal career the skills of reading for detail, identifying underlying assumptions, and imagining alternatives points of view that he developed in the English major.

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Elissa Matulis Myers

Elissa Matulis Myers, 1982

Understanding the big picture through focused attention

Elissa Matulis Myers works in the world of professional associations, advocating for their missions and understanding how they work together.

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