Alumni Career Profiles

Mason English Alumni at Work

Deb Kaganowich DiscenzaDeb Kaganowich Discenza   •   Writer and lecturer

Cerissa HontiverosCerissa Hontiveros   •   Technical Writer

Kyle MunKittrickKyle MunKittrick   •   Writer and Apple employee

Christopher Perkowski Christopher Perkowski   •   Lawyer

Arthur PittsArthur Pitts   •  Lawyer

Timoni WestTimoni West   •  Web design and copywriter


Careers and Publications

Ada Valaitis MA '07, BA '05 After receiving her MA, Ada spent a year in Lithuania on a Fulbright Fellowship in order to complete a translation project on Lithuanian poetry. In April 2010, she began working at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as a translation specialist, and she continues her work there as a freelance translator from Lithuanian to English. The University of Texas at Dallas recently accepted Ada to its PhD program in Translation Studies, which she will begin in Fall 2011.

Fran Connor MA '03  Just accepted a job as an assistant editor for the New Oxford Shakespeare, which promises to "change the way Shakespeare is presented to the world."  He'll be working on the project at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Bradford Vivian BA '96  "I thought I'd take the opportunity to briefly say that the degree has served me quite well in preparation for graduate school and success as an assistant professor (happily, it's also allowed me to keep in touch tangentially with the growth of the department--I enjoyed chatting with Byron Hawk about common interests, for instance, at a conference just last October).  My second univerity press book, Public Forgetting: The Rhetoric and Politics of Beginning Again, is about to be published."

Debra J. Olechnowich BA '90  "I have some lovely memories of my days at Mason. Maybe I am one of the few who LOVED hiking the grounds to classes, and loved summer school classes, (the weather was beautiful at night!) What am I up to?  Well, after college, lived in Australia for several months, taught some dance classes there in the public school, with my friend who was a P.E. teacher and invited me as an American guest.  Came back, became a USAR paratrooper, traveled Europe, came back again, worked in tourism and technical writing for Savannah, GA companies, (military and Riverstreet Riverboat Companies), got offered a technical writing job creating manuals for local Georgia company, (traveled all over southeast to do this, for 5 years and met some great people), and now I am back in Virginia, teaching English for awhile.  I love this job, my students are great!"