Undergraduate Academic Advising

GMU English Advising


Walk-In Advising

The English Department offers undergraduate academic advising on a walk-in basis when the university is open. Advising is held within the main English Department suite located in Robinson B413.  Our walk-in availability is usually updated on a monthly basis. 

Walk-in Advising Hours For September 2019

Monday 12pm-4pm
Tuesday 10am-1pm
Wednesday 1pm-5pm
Thursday 10am-5pm
Friday 12pm-2pm

Keeping Track of Your Progress

Meeting with your advisor at least once a semester is the best way to make sure you're on track for academic success, but you can also monitor your progress on Patriot Web by running your own degree evaluation through Degree Works.

Reviewing your degree evaluation before you come to the office can help you ask more specific questions and make better use of your time with an advisor. 

Advising Reference Materials

Program Requirements

Please consult Laura Scott (lscott@gmu.edu) if you have questions about requirements from older catalog years

Path Through the BA (2018-19)

Path through the BFA (2018-19)

How to Run your Degree Evaluation How to Run your Degree Evaluation

Mason Core Requirements for English Majors

Mason Core Requirements vary based on your Catalog Year. You can access older Catalog requirements via the University Catalog Archives; however, it is always better to check with your advisor if you're unsure if a course satisfies your degree requirements

Mason Core Reference Sheet (2018-19)

Sample Four-Year Plan 

These are only examples of possible paths through the program. There is plenty of room to customize your path to graduation. Meet with your advisor to make sure that your schedule fits your personal needs and goals

BA Sample Four-Year Plan (2018-19)

BFA Sample Four-Year Plan (2018-19)

Contact Us 

Laura Ellen Scott is a Creative Writing Professor and the English Department Academic Coordinator. You can reach Professor Scott by email at lscott@gmu.edu or by phone at (703) 993-1179.