College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Registering for Thesis Study (ENGH 799)


ENGH 799 is the course designation for thesis study. Registration is only allowed after the approval of your thesis proposal is approved and signed.

When approving signatures are in place on your thesis proposal, the student relations coordinator will send a CRN and section number specific to your thesis director to your Mason email address.  You can register for ENGH 799 with these codes.  The codes change from semester to semester, so be sure to ask for new codes as you continue thesis study in future semesters.

The first time your register for ENGH 799, you must enroll for three credit hours.  After that, you may enroll as you like until you reach the six required ENGH 799 credit hours necessary to graduate.  A typical student registers for three credit hours in the first semester of thesis study and three credit hours in the second semester of thesis study.

Once enrolled in ENGH 799 you must remain enrolled each semester until your thesis is complete and submitted to the library for binding and processing.  There are no exceptions.  If you have questions about continuous enrollment, please contact the student relations coordinator.

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